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Oh what Occurin??
by ~Kimi~

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Dark Hair


whoop whoop

SO today i have dyed my hair brown again, there has been a large amount of people dying their hair purple so guessed it was time for a change, im kinda gutted i did love it being purple but hay ho, maybe ill go blonde again.
otherwise not alot to tell, Faith and i went swimming this morning, and to henrys club this afternoon,
was planing on heading to karaoke tonight but its not going ahead now
aww well, much love to everyone xx


previous entry: New me

next entry: Worse ever!!

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Bet your hair looks gorgeous! xx

[Tinkerbell &heartsStar|0 likes] [|reply]

RANDOM: It's nice to have a change of hair colour! I never dye my hair anymore because I'm happy with my natural colour but I used to change colour & experiment when I was younger (:♥

[Bellatrix LestrangeStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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