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Oh what Occurin??
by ~Kimi~

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Christmas and New Yesrs


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Hello, hope you all had a good festival period,
Mine was wine filled, popped out christmas eve to see a few people and maybe just maybe may have had to much to drink, which was ok i got myself home and went to bed and shockingly did not wake with a hang over! awesome!! had a lovely christmas and boxing day with Faith and family but was a bit all over the place coz you have to go and see everyone!
Then my aunt and uncle and cousins came down from scotland for a few days which was great had so much fun,
New years was interesting mostly due to the dj, he was a bit of a knob, but good company so all is well!

GREAT PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR ..................
~ Faith will turn 2
~ myself and alot of my friend will be turning 25
~ i have tickets to see the foo fighters, blink 182, bowling for soup and reel big fish.

so lots of fun things ahead


previous entry: Remember me??

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