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You say I’m crazy...
by *Kimberly

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Pure Michigan


I feel so grateful for this getaway. Michigan really showed off for me. 

previous entry: The mist

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Great pictures! [Ambassador4Christ] [reply]

Pagan tag

So beautiful. [~*Pagan*~Star] [reply]

Lovely colours!
[raen] [reply]

Love when fall looks like this! [**StephanieNicole**Star] [reply]

I have a one on one with her and a group meeting with others with BPD once a week. She wants to be sure that I don't miss any appointments, because if I miss more than four then they kick me out of the program and I'll have to start over.

We'll learn coping skills, since my coping with life in general sucks. lol [Fam!lyTimes6] [reply] have BPD too?? Did I know this?? Also: why does this make me happier than it should? lol [teanahpea] [reply]

Yerp!!! I was misdiagnosed for years [Fam!lyTimes6] [reply]

RYC: I'm not okay with it. I have confronted him multiple times and it doesn't change his behaviour. The only way this will stop is if I leave and at this point, I'm not ready to do that. [squish] [reply]

RYC: I think I will know when the right time is. There will come a point where I just won't deal with it anymore and that will be the right time. Unfortunately I'll look back and wish it had been sooner but I just don't see now being the right time. My last relationship was the same way. I finally had enough one day, he pushed my buttons the wrong way for the last time and I was done. With this relationship, I feel like there are some other things holding me in this relationship and I'm not quite ready to give those things up because I'm not sure if I leave, I'll still have those things. [squish] [reply]

Those are stunning!! I really want to go out and get some pictures before all the leaves are gone. Sadly, we are having the remnants of the hurricane come towards us this weekend. It's been windy and a lot of the leaves are already falling to the ground before they've even turned. [teanahpea] [reply]

Why state do you live in? That sucks it’s like you had no autumn! [*Kimberly] [reply]

I miss seasons. [The RyanStar] [reply]

Beautiful [just delStar] [reply]

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