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by *KCBK*

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A busy day and feeling so lazy!


So many!
I put in my two weeks on Monday. Now if I make it that long is the real question. I'm on my final warning because the store key got stuck in the door so we were late getting the store open so of course it's my fault because this company is cheap as hell and doesn't fix anything so when something goes wrong it's always the person in charge's fault. So on Monday when he came in and printed off my clock in report, he sat me down with my current GM, and said on Sunday I clocked in 10 minutes late. I about flipped shit on him. I sure as hell got defensive and loud and made a scene. Looking back I'm not really sure why he didn't let me go then. But I looked him dead in the eye and got my little pointer finger ready to put up a fight and I said "yeah, I'm sure I did. But that does not mean I was late walking through that door. You want to sit here and check clock in and out times, fine. But go on that camera system and look at what time I really walked in and what I was doing. Or go look up the time when I turned the alarm off. You can sit here and point fingers all you want, but I will be damned if you're going to get on my case about clocking in late when I was here before my actual clock in time." I started to walk away and turned around and said "And you're one to be talking about people being late. Have you ever been on time to one of our scheduled meetings?" Now this guy is really good at hiding his facial emotions. I'm almost positive it's because he has no soul. But I put in my 2 weeks. I have an interview later today. I still need to go to the bank and shower and get ready. I have to do the laundry and some dishes and make dinner. I need to vacuum but I guess I can do that tomorrow morning before I have to go back to my living hell. I need to make a dentist appointment and go to the eye doctor. And I need to finish unpacking the house and hanging up the pictures and stuff. My dad is coming down next month and it just happens to be the same weekend that Kev is going out of town for work. So I need to ask my mom and sister if they want to come down and we can just make it a family weekend. But all I want to do today is sleep. I guess I can do that on Monday.

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previous entry: Yes, that is on my hate list!

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