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Memoirs for Solace
by Kathmandu

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Lady Lost


Lady, oh Lady
When your lyrics catch me thinking
Of those lovely days gone by
It racks my soul

When a simple verse comes to mind

To hold that which would make me free.
If only I were only just me.

When I listen and go Gaga, oh lady, how you speak 
My thoughts. Shallow. Always Remember Us, I'll Never Love Again.. Who is this voice, who cuts me deep?

But not just me, not only me.
Holds me to that dependance.
And not just dependant.
But who I depend upon.

Makes me bound, tormented, know that I cannot tear 
This thing called Love, 
As it is not Just Me.
It is my responsibility.

I owe this Lady.  I owe this woman.
My soul.

If I could leave behind my moral compass

If I could reach out to touch and press

Lose this ethic battle, how I would come and steal 

A kiss.

previous entry: This Idea

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