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•Lost_n_my_thoughts•'s Diary
by •Lost_n_my_thoughts•

previous entry: July 17, 2018

July 21,2018


I don’t know anyone who hates getting a promotion, but I hate that I was promoted. I’m the “boss” when my boss isn’t there and people are not happy about it. I’ve only worked there for a year but only 8 months in this department and there are people older than me and people who’ve been there for YEARS and they were not promoted like me so things are rough. No one wants to do any hard work, no one takes me seriously and its making me look bad. I’m hoping that they start listening and taking direction better, I really don’t want to write people up but they need to stop walking over me because i’m everyones friend... I need to stop being everyones friend. 

Everyone is so lazy!! Your at work to WORK not sit around and socialize


previous entry: July 17, 2018

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You got this. They saw something in you and know you will do well at your job. Others can either do their work or they will have to deal with the consequences of not. Keep your head up and keep up the good work. [~*Dixie_Barbie*~Star] [reply]