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seemingly odd moments are spent with you
by ObsidianDreamer

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sweat pants, hair tied, chillen wit no make up on


Ok...yay...its been a while since ive been on bloop...missing the emotional release(lol...release)...ok so I'm gonna say this now before i get started...i'm gonna have spelling errors, run on sentences and a bunch of other stuff but i just wanna get it all out at once...


OCT: Halloween was great..i turned out to be a kiNda pretty much just made my costume lol...i turned out not to really like the costumes they had for yeah i was a sexy black kitty...i got good tips that day so yeah...the costomers liked my costume they thought i was cute and i got hit on a bunch of times so was a confidence booster...

NOV: my birthday was great cause i spent it with Josh and we, for the better word, did how i say it...doing hahaha...ahem..moving on. Spent thanksgiving with my mom and sister...had fun, enjoyed myself, made memories.

DEC/JAN: For my sister b day which was Dec 11 i made her a cake and dyed the icing her fav colors(awww yea...i amazing) and made cupcakes to go around the little cake and took it up there to her French class...she loved it...Christmas was bought myself a new phone and thats pretty much the highlight of my christmas...o and so I was planning on going to the military in jan(keep this in mind lol cause it gets fucked up in these next sentences) but come Dec 28 I FELL at work and broke my freaking ankle!!!!!!!! I was like are u freaking serious...tell me ur just fucking with me...but nope...striaght up broke my shit, but oh, its worser than they first thought, along with breaking my ankle i tore ALL the ligaments on the other side of my shit (DAMMNNNN GIRL!). so along with my little trip to baton rouge canceled, some good new years eve sex, a good drinking night, AND my damn future plans put on hold, I cant even put on my own damn clothes for three or four weeks...yeah...

So yeah..thats pretty much my update



previous entry: Halloween Costume?

next entry: I'm soooo ready to feel the burn!

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Wow, I hope things get better and your ankle heals fast for you and all!
Take care and Have a great day.

[JessbabyblueStar|0 likes] [|reply]

ryc: LOL thanks. My halloween sucked. It was cold and I was recovering from the flu. lol

[Squirrelღ |0 likes] [|reply]

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