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seemingly odd moments are spent with you
by ObsidianDreamer

previous entry: i can hear you in my ear

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put it off for another day ya kno?


Give it all to him

So I didn't go to the job interview because I couldn't find someone to go in for me till 6, so i just got it changed for monday! So HA!!!!

O... i guess i didn't post that I'm in another relationship. I've known him for like 3 years now and we started going out about two or so months ago. He attends Alcorn college (2 hours away) but he finds the time to visit. And I enjoy him, his company, and his conversation. He's what I need right now. Oh and did I tell you how we met? Lol a chatline ha ha ha.... I know that is kinda silly, but when you stop and think how people met others(myspace, facebook, etc...) it's kinda not silly. And I have strong feelings for him and everything. I think he's diffrent cause he was my friend WAAAYYY before he was more than that. He knows how crazy I can be and he's ok with that! He accepts me as I am and has never tried to change me in any kind of way. Even though he seems tough he's a closet romantic and a real sweet heart and I'm happy he's in my life. And I'm happy that he waited til I was ready for a real romantic relationship and not some kind of chezzy high school romance. Not saying that all high school romances are chezzy, but I guess it's not what i wanted, ya know?

oh's hotter than crap here!! I mean goodness! I sweat from just walking to the mailbox!

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previous entry: i can hear you in my ear

next entry: the night turned out to be a real BITCH

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good luck with guy. Warm weather better than cold snow. Take care and Have a great day.

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