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seemingly odd moments are spent with you
by ObsidianDreamer

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a life changing choice!


It's for the better, didn't you know?

OK. So there is sooo much I have to say, but I'm only gonna try to put little paragraphs so you won't get bored

Numero uno: OK so I've been thinking of going to the army. But unlike some people, it's not a last minute thing. I've been thinking about it since like seventh grade . So I contacted a recruiter and she took me and we went to Jackson, MS (I'm from Mississippi if you didn't know) and took the test. I made a 51, i just gotta get some of these inches off.

Second: I was like 210, and when she took me in to see how much i weighted i was at 196.8!!! I almost cried cause i didn't know i had lost that much weight. I know that's not a lot to some people, but it is to me! And next thing you know I'll be 186, then 176 and so on! I'm proud of myself

mmmm NUMBER 3: My little sister and I had a fist fight and i kicked her ass! Ha ha ha. I know i shouldn't be laughing, but you don't know what kind of bitch she's turned into. It's like my best friend is gone and has been replaced by some skank ass bitch! And to be honest with you i miss my sister's friendship, but i will NOT tolerate a skank for a sister! make a long story short. We fought at like 5 in the morning (twice might i add) and i beat that ass both times .

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previous entry: bring on the day!

next entry: i can hear you in my ear

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ryc: ok you're on my friends list

[Gem♥Star|0 likes] [|reply]

aww going into the army would be great, and it seems as like you are in great shape for it too!

[bratpunkyg02Star|0 likes] [|reply]

if u go to anime list we have the complete series. I have anime list posted. Take care and Have a great day.

[JessbabyblueStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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