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Love my two boys <3
by Mommyto3

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_//my weekend in one entry.!


My Family from

went to the interview on thursday last week, it went well ( i think it did ) so, i called today to see if they had made a final decision... i left a message she didnt call back, so i called my career rep from school she said to wait it out for about 2 days -_- i guess that is what i shall do. thursday i worked til about 730 the internet was down babe was off so after i came home got dressed and left to her moms house and meet her brother who came down from virginia ( he is in the navy ) we all then went out to eat pizza was pretty fun, came home after. then friday we left early went to ross to be able to buy some clothes for me to wear on sunday ( yesterday sunday ) then stopped by to pick up her brother. we ended up going to best buy, eat lunch at chipotle ( heaven central jejee ) and then walk around the mall for a bit, carmen had to work at 5 so i just ended up home. she slept at her moms house because she had to clean for saturday.

saturday was her little cousins birthday party, he turned 6 so i went with joziah and adrian, i ended up taking adrians to his grandmas because he kept fussing and stuff super tired and he isint very social like joziah, after the party carmen and i ended up coming home and just sleeping we had to wake up early the next day. joziah slept over dianas house ( adrians grandma because carmen and i were going to bush gardens the following day )

sunday we woke up around 530am, had to get ready and dressed to meet up with her brother and some of her friends from work, to drive down to tampa ( we live in orlando ) we went to bush gardens. we were going to get the fun pass pay 85$ today and you go in the rest of the year. but to our surprise anthony ( carmens brother ) was able to enter 3 people in free, woohoo so carmen and i didnt have to pay this time. so we got there around 920 and the park opened at 930 so we were there from open - close. i have the biggest headache we went on EVERY ROLLER COASTER ( except sheikra because it was closed ) got home and literally at 9pm i was already in bed knocked out.! woke up today at 9 took joziah to school and got home to SLEEP til 2pm felt GREAT,! carmen got called into work today, she gets out in a few. cleaned joziahs room. that was a project in itself lol. and now im just relaxed cooking.

so overall i had an awesome weekend thanks to my wonderful girlfriend she is simply amazing.
so i went to walmart to get a lamp for joziahs room, and joziah knows she loved finding nemo. he saw this travel pack coloring books in monsters inc and then saw a finding nemo, with his 3 dollars he had saved up he decided to buy one for carmen and for him. i thought that was super cute of him.

yes my 4 year old son gets $ from me teach him young if he helps me clean his room or take out the trash ( obviously me doing the majority of the work ) he gets either a quarter or dime depending on what it is.

his room : quarters
trash : dime
toys in the living room : nickle

now if he is playing with his toys and leaves a mess, i tell him to clean i will not give him money because he was playing with the toys to begin with. this only occurs when he has to clean.
people might think he is to young i just say he learns responsibility from now
he got 3 dollars. and he is able to buy his own hotwheels or toys. sometimes i do put my own money in but most of the time he has his own )

previous entry: _//random about me survey

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