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Love my two boys <3
by Mommyto3

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_//. just another day in the neighborhood


My Family from

decided to start like a youtube blog, idk just random videos and thought i would put up. if you wanna search its actually arceadrianna
the first video i did was a little tag everyone is doing ( whats in your purse ) i realized i got a lot of crap so i gotta clean it out and just use what i need lol,
today was just a chill day, carmen is actually super sick so she was sleeping all day til she had to go into work, has another overnight i swear there are like
4 managers and she gets stuck doing all the over nights, its bc she is the one directly under ass.manager so she gets stuck with what ppl dnt want -_-
bleeeh, joziah didnt go to daycare today, stood home with me all day since i was off, work tomorrow, actually applied at sprint they start 10/hour and are willing
to work with my schedule and their commission is SUPER BETTER THAN T-MOBILE COMMISSION.!!!!!

i feel like ive lost touch with all of my old bloop friends i most def need to catch up with all of them. noone reads my entries anymore i know diary is for me
to express myself but it felt good when i had an issue my bloopfriends read my entries and were there for me when i needed them.

so no call back from the drs office but its way to soon only tuesday ( well its past midnight so its wednesday according to my cellphone ) and they said by friday
i am so totally hoping i get good news from that, i need a better job.!!!!!
i want to just be stable i hate this not being stable crap.

neighbors complained about joziah and i walking around the house they claim its to loud -_- he is 4 what do they expect i dont complain when he is outside in his
car with the music blasting super loud, or when he is outside smoking a cigarette without a shirt on for my son to see, - ok ok ok end of that rant.

umm lets see what else i can talk about. i think that is about it. just waiting for carmen to get home she gets out at 2 but has to take both her closers home so she
prob wont be here til like 315. and since i took a 3 hour nap today i am wide awake -_-

im just going to go layout searching, does anyone know of any good layout diarys? so i can spruse the page up

previous entry: _// <3

next entry: _//random about me survey

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