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My Life
by ~*Invisible•∆•Ninja*~

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My pretty kitty


Attached photo is my Tilly of course. Lol


Its 12:47 am and I just want to go to sleep. But this so called friend of mine is texting me about all her boyfriend drama. I'm getting tired of holding my tongue and not saying what I want to say. 


Like how ridiculous she is, how toxic their relationship is, how disgusting it is that she makes excuses for everything he does that isn't right, or how she blames herself for every fight even when hes at fault not her. It's making me crazy. Yet I do what a friend is supposed to do and be the supportive friend. I tell her in a nice way how messed up some of this stuff is but yet I still encourage her to work things out and not jump the gun and break up with him because she's feeling some kind of way and expects him to psychically know she feels that way. 


I feel the need to scream and maybe punch something. I'm so over other peoples drama 

previous entry: My heart

next entry: Happy Birthday Sister


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