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My Life
by ~*Invisible•∆•Ninja*~

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Just a bunch of rambles


Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving and those who don't had a wonderful Thursday. 


We did the usual. Siblings and their families came over we had dinner then sat around and laughed and joked until everyone left. Then mom and I binge watched some of vampire diaries on Netflix. I never watched more than maybe the first 2 seasons of vampire diaries, but since the originals is over and I miss Klaus so much I figured I would try to dull the ache in my vampire love heart and try vampire diaries again. We are only on season 2 so it's just been a refresh the memory of what I did see. I still don't like Damon for some reason. He's the bad boy and I always love the wounded bad bay but I just don't this time. On the originals I loved Klaus, I will always love Klaus. When he hurt I felt his pain, I cried his tears for him, but Damon he just irritates me. Right now I still like Stefan, but idk why I like him. I liked him more when he went on his early on human blood rampage because of Elena giving him blood, but when he's all good boy act I still like him. Ugh. 


I have a thing for vampires, I would be one if they were real. I would be these stupid human girls that fall in love with bad boy vampires. I can't help it. I think it has to do with this constant feeling I've had in life that I don't belong here, I am not meant to be in this world. Like that song creep by Radiohead I think it is. I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, I don't belong here. That song. Yeah that's me, I don't belong here. Maybe I'm not exactly a creep but I'm a weirdo. There is something different about me that I haven't quite figured out yet. Anyway. Total weird rambles.


Sometimes I regret being friends with my ex again, but he started going on the other day about being depressed and overwhelming me with his constant need for attention from me while I was trying to get stuff done for Thanksgiving .So I told him if he was feeling that bad and had a plan like he said that he needed to go to the hospital .So right now he's in the psych ward till Monday. Instantly after getting there he regretted it and wanted to be released .said he thinks he overreacted. Well he's a drama queen he's impulsive and he overreacts daily. But getting a reality check for a few days maybe will do him some good. Probably not but I just couldn't deal with the drama. The reason I cut him out of my life for a while was because he overwhelms me do so muthat I can't ground myself or keep myself together because he sucks the little bit of energy i have out of me. Sometimes it's just too much. I try to set boundaries but sometimes it doesn't help. This time it's going to or I'll be done for good. Only reason I gave in was because his uncle passed away and I loved his uncle so much. He was important to me. So here I am sucked back into the drama. Ugh story of my life 

previous entry: I want to give up but I just keep trying

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