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The Truth from an Overeating, Insecure Babe
by -herby-

next entry: Why are men the way they are?

Hypochondria is real


Since this whole hypochondria has flared full blast. Why has it been 3 months of hoaseness, wheezing and coughing? Sometimes congested, sometimes not. I just finished 2 STRONG antibiotics...and not my throat hurts (dryness feeling). I've done breathing treatments, breathing exercises. Drinking water ALL the livelong day. Vitamins.  WHY AM I NOT GETTING BETTER!? I went to the pulmonologists and he said my lungs and all my tests were normal. He said the bloodwork from the hospital looked great. BUT YET! When I try to investigate on my own I've got congital heart failure and fatty liver disease. LIKE SERIOUSLY! I make myself so mad. I just want to be better. I'm so sick of coughing to where I piss on myself. 


My friend of 8 years, Jamie, told me that her lungs went to shit at 30. I'm 35. I weight 287 lbs and I'm a type 2 diabetic. I need to get my ass in gear. For real. What am I waiting on? I don't want to get the bariatric sleeve, I want to change my mind on how I view food. I want to know the toxicity of these things and change my brain to eating healthier and living better. AND THEN lose weight naturally. And then get a skin removal surgery. 


All in due time, I guess. 

next entry: Why are men the way they are?

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