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internet confessional 3.0
by girlsetsfire

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please have mercy on me.


I finally filed my taxes the other day, and had to pay for the first time ever. It sucked. Only a couple hundred bucks, but still... Hopefully next year I'll get a good refund, because I'll be paying my professional dues again (which usually account for most of my refund) and I'll have daycare costs and other kiddo stuff to claim.
Josh and I went to see John Mayer in Toronto at the beginning of the month, while my mom looked after Piper overnight. It was really nice. We didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have liked in the city, but that was my own doing - I didn't want to feel like I was taking advantage of my mom asking her to look after Piper for too long. Next time we'll stay longer. It was nice just to have a night out, and a hotel room, and SLEEP IN in the morning. I also got to have a drink with Sarah and catch up. Plus the concert was amazing (of course)! All in all a great little overnighter.
This weekend, Josh, myself, my parents, and Piper are going to a Jays game. I'm mostly looking forward to it. A bunch of our good players are out with injuries, and our plan to take the subway to the game got kiboshed by maintenance work by the TTC, but we have figured out a place to park and I'm just crossing my fingers that the munchkin is chill in the car. She used to be such an amazing traveller (aka she slept all the time) but lately she has been fiestier. If you catch her at the right time, she will pass out for an entire car ride, but other times she is a terror. Fingers crossed.
Piper is growing and learning and being the cutest. Her newest thing that melts my heart is that she will give you a kiss (those little baby kisses where they don't really pucker their lips) and then make the *muah* smoochy sound after she has pulled away. It is the damn cutest.
I need to call her daycare and confirm that we are starting June 1, and arrange to take her for some orientation to get used to the place. I know for a fact that I will have a harder time with her starting daycare than she will. She is fine when I am not around, but a mama suck when she can see me. I'm sure that once I ghost from daycare she will be totally fine. I keep putting off calling them, because I think that I don't want to deal with the reality of going back to work, but I know that I have to call. Tomorrow. I will call tomorrow.
We're also starting to make an effort for Josh to put her to bed a couple of times a week, to get everyone used to that. Of course he has put her to bed in the past, but only if I was out for the evening. Tonight was the first night that he put her down while I was home, and it went better than I'd hoped. Zero issues, out like a light. It was awesome.
I'm not done breastfeeding yet, but I'm not going to lie: I'm looking forward to having my boobs back. 100% my own. Not thinking about what I'll wear, how nursing-compatible anything is. I miss my nice bras.

previous entry: you've been working and i've been waiting.

next entry: I want the ocean right now. [photos]

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Girl, Ev starts daycare when she starts 2 years old... and I'm gonna die. 😭

[♥ jesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I really wish I got that much time off with Thor!! I'm sure it would have made it so much harder to go back though. But then probably none of this crap would have happened.. :/

I'm not done breastfeeding either but I agree! Trying to dress when you're going out somewhere is such a pain! It's almost impossible to find breastfeeding friendly clothes and if you find clothes made specifically for it, they're super expensive! I'm mainly just looking forward to not pumping anymore, I don't mind the whole breastfeeding thing.

[*Pixie*|0 likes] [|reply]

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