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My so called crazy life
by Girlinterupted

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Bestie Day


Bestie Day
So my bestie Jenny and her 3 kids moved to texas a few years ago and twice a year we get to see eachother when she drives up to Kansas from Texas to see me on there way up to Montana to run the families seasonal business so today we went to the park and then out to my favorite Mexican restaurant and I got to meet her other bestie. Now I'm writing this while I am waiting to go to a job interview at mcdonalds i havent had a real job in 10 years. So I am really works out. I need things to do before this small town drives me crazy. I just want to be normal again and part of that is taking my meds now that they've finally worked out and staying busy going to group and to meetings. I have met some awesome people at meetings and i need to make one of them my sponsor 

next entry: still trying

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