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6 Nov 2009, 06:48
Jessica [Private]
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I didn't know Canada accepted American money. I've never worked anywhere here that accepts Canadian money. (Except the random Canadian dime or penny snuck in somewhere. But they're so similar! ;))
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6 Nov 2009, 09:32
gravity girl
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I'm pretty sure they'll except Canadian money, you just get charged an exchange fee or something of the sort. I remember being told this six years ago when I got home from Canada and had some leftover money, so I could be wrong. But, I'm pretty sure that's it.
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8 Nov 2009, 01:40
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That's odd that Canada accepts US money. Do they have charts or something to show the conversion rate? When I was a bank teller we'd occasionally get a Canadian coin in our change machine and throw it away. We'd have to take the loss if we accidentally accepted a Canadian coin. We didn't have the ability to buy foreign currancy.

This is such a neat thread!
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10 Nov 2009, 07:28
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My workplace accepts American money, but only at face value. Despite the huge amount of American tourists we get, we don't get American bills often, and nothing is computerized, so it's time consuming to keep up on the current exchange rate. We get American coins all the time, though, since they're so similar to Canadian coins. :P
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11 Nov 2009, 02:18
Blitch. [+1]
Post Count: 82
I live in Seattle which is pretty close to the Vancouver, B.C. Canada border... and I don't know any stores or shops that will accept Canadian money! I've worked food, retail, and now customer service and I've never been allowed to accept foreign currency. When we used to go to dinner up in Vancouver they wouldn't accept our American money. We could use our card and then our banks would calculate the exchange rate. I'm sure there are a lot of places that DO but in my experience no one ever has. :(
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10 Nov 2009, 09:28
Post Count: 210
are we not allowed to spent 1 notes in england? my uncle used to send them for birthdays and i thought we could spend them! though i don't remember doing it.
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10 Nov 2009, 16:45
Post Count: 2651
There's not many around anymore, but when I was a kid I remember trying to spend them in England on a couple of occassions and I couldn't.
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6 Nov 2009, 10:59
Post Count: 1010
Oh this is fun! Bear w/ me, it's 5am here. XD NT stands for New Taipei which is what our money's called. ^__^

The 200 and 2000 is very rare; practically no vendor (which is where I do most of my shopping, when there's so many night markets and cheap places, shopping at the dept. stores is bogus xD) will take a 2000 b/c it's too hard to break (kinda like a $100 here in the US).

1, 5, 10, 20, 50. 1NT, 5NT, and the 10NT is very common, I don't think I've ever seen a 20NT, and the 50NT is also common. recently a lot of ppl don't like taking/using the 50NT b/c there's been a surge of counterfeits apparently and I was just incredulous. I've never heard of counterfeit coins before.

These are all rough estimates since the exchange rate is usually like $30-$35 or something like that.
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6 Nov 2009, 13:34
Hidden Depths
Post Count: 81
This thread is such a cool idea...The different currencies are really cool :) There's some great artwork and history here.

RE: USD--our money isn't plastic, but it's reinforced with cotton fibers. It doesn't get ruined in the wash, it gets fresh and clean and crisp =P You can get the wrinkles out lol. Especially if you run it through the dryer too. LOL talk about money laundering *snickers*

I like our money. When I got Canadian bills the last time, my niece (3 yrs old at the time) whined "I want stickers too!!" lol... I like that our money doesn't look like stickers.
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7 Nov 2009, 17:01
Post Count: 56
I don't think everyone has posted the Canadian Currency, so here it is!

Penny = 1 Cent
Nickel = 5 Cents
Dime = 10 Cents
Quater = 25 Cents
50 Cents (canada doesnt use this, at least I'VE never used it, I guess its some collectors item)

Loonie = 1 Dollar
Toonie = 2 Dollar

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7 Nov 2009, 17:08
Post Count: 1779
Gosh, yo - a 50 cent piece. I never saw any of those when I was in Canada. I was totally there when the Toonies first came out though - and when people thought it was cool to pop the middle part out!
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7 Nov 2009, 17:30
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
The Queen looks really odd on your coins! I'm sure our coins make her looks less ugly ;D
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10 Nov 2009, 06:48
Post Count: 79
If this works, this is paper money from Canada. If not I don't have a clue on how to make it work.
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10 Nov 2009, 07:24
Post Count: 308
Is it wrong that this makes me want to document my coin collection? XD
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10 Nov 2009, 07:32
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Go ahead!
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10 Nov 2009, 07:39
Post Count: 308
I gotta find it all first! lol I've collected a lot of random coins over the years, stuff from other counties I've found in my change. A rather interesting mix. Now I have a task for myself tomorrow! Beats sitting around doing nothing :P
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10 Nov 2009, 17:08
Dreamer ♥
Post Count: 167
oh wow! What a random sort of topic! But very interesting! :D
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12 Nov 2009, 06:00
+& HelloKatie
Post Count: 17
I love this thread! Between my own limited international travel and my dad's extensive international travel, here is a portion of my foreign currency collection:

1st column (left side top to bottom): Brazil, Hong Kong (my favorite!!), the Philippines, Romania, and Turkey
2nd column (right side top to bottom): Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic.

I hope the picture works.
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12 Nov 2009, 06:06
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
That is so cool!!!!
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12 Nov 2009, 06:15
Post Count: 308
The Hong Kong bill is very colourful. I love it :D
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