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Which nationalities do you find most attractive?
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3 Nov 2009, 06:54
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My most attractive "ex" was part Portuguese and part Spaniard. He's a jerk (now), but he was super hot. Dark hair, very nicely tanned and light eyes. Ugg, looking at him makes me melt, but then I remember he was a tool in the end HA. That being said, I'm going to have to agree with the comments about Spaniards. They are very attractive.

Thanks to New Moon (Twilight) I now also have a thing for Native Americans, they are quite attractive. Double points if they have the ability to morph into werewolves *drool*

When it comes to accents, I love quite a few accents, I do love Irish accents and Scottish accents. And Yes, the movie P.S. I love you, made me love Ireland, but only because of the scenery and the way they fell in love.... and not Gerard Butler

I love South African accents. I love the way my family talks, I miss my own accent, but the South African accent I find AWESOME.
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3 Nov 2009, 07:05
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Our lead singer is South African, shes got a funny accent that confuses us all. Didnt take much notice of it though.
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3 Nov 2009, 07:20
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Alot of people either don't understand it or don't like it haha...put then theres people who don't mind it.

I guess because I've grown up around it, I just...I can hear one a mile a way..and I have no problem understanding it either.
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3 Nov 2009, 08:01
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We think its hilarious, she cracks jokes and generally we dont laugh, then shes serious and say something in a funny way then we laugh.
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3 Nov 2009, 11:32
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Yeah it was the romance story in the movie that got me to love Ireland and Irishmen too XD Not a big fan of Gerard Butler but his character in the movie was amazing =]
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3 Nov 2009, 15:33
Acid Fairy
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My parents lived in South Africa for quite a few years. They don't have the accent anymore which is good as it cracks me up! It is the most amusing accent in the world, I swear.
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3 Nov 2009, 07:08
Jessica [Private]
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I like em tall, dark-haired and snuggly ;D
I'm a pretty big chick myself. (as in tall, with a large frame to match ;)) so I like guys that are bigger than me, give me a guy over 6' and built like a line-backer, and I'm in heaven.
Stanislav Ianevski (oh yes, Viktor Krum, WUT?! ;)) is pretty much the type of guy I go for. All of my serious boyfriends have looked similar to him ;D

I have a thing for guys with slight accents. Like Canadian boys, I can't get enough of them ;D ohmuhgawd.
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3 Nov 2009, 09:57
& skull.
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i'm into anyone from england, scotland, ireland or wales, but scotts make me weak at the knees. haha. americans can be cute because you don't come across many here. omg GERMANS also get me.

not really into anything else. mostly white girls/boys. asian women can be pretty hot.
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3 Nov 2009, 17:16
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Irish accents are gooooodddd.. in Oz, the aussies were cute, but I think it was to do with their enthusiasm and friendliness as well as the accent.. in England we are slightly more reserved. The one aussie guy I pulled though was a moron sadly! And no Irish pulling for me! Buttt I have an english bf and he is LOVELY. So I can look at foreign boys from afar ;)
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5 Nov 2009, 13:12
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Meditteranean guys are HOT!!! And so are Mexicans! And I have a thing for an American or Canadian accent. I've only ever dated Aussies though, although my husband looks Mexican
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