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Is Monogamy Realistic?
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31 Oct 2009, 09:32
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Were "civilised animals". We dont piss on lamp posts (well, most of us dont) but we do piss. We dont hunt for food but we do work for money. Put us in that situation where we dont have supermarkets and fast food stores, and we will hunt.

Youre right though, the feelings will always be there. Even when were 80, well see a hot 18 yr old and well think dirty, dirty, dirty old man shit. It doesnt mean well go and do anything about it.
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31 Oct 2009, 09:53
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I disagree, I'm 1/10 000th Adelie penguin, monogamous for life.

(Don't look too much into that, there's a whole bunch of if's & but's when it comes to penguin monogamy..damnit)
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29 Oct 2009, 07:31
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I think the largest problem is that people get too serious too quickly. They get involved in a monogamous relationship when they really aren't ready for it.

Then again, some people just aren't built to be in monogamous relationships. Open relationships are becoming more an more common, which requires either a high level of maturity or a massive dose of I Don't Give a Shit.
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29 Oct 2009, 20:48
feisty one.
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I've already left this as a comment on the article in NewsWorthy but I'll re-post it here:

I think monogamy is realistic if you WANT it to be. It's all about choice. There's nothing wrong with seeing someone else aside from who you are dating/married to and being attracted to them or even having daydreams about being with them/flirting with them. Acting on that attraction is what gets so many people in trouble. That was a decision they made and COULD have been stopped before it went too far. I think celebrities/other public figures are making it look like it's okay and it's not. I agree with someone else who that celebrities these days seem to only be getting married for the party and idea of getting to dress up. They are just "having a wedding". I think that totally sucks and marriage definitely isn't what it used to be which is why until I met my current boyfriend, I was against it. But he has changed my mind : )

Oh and I think it's funny about the professor/psychologist they interviewed. I did my internships at both Emory and Grady : )
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31 Oct 2009, 23:33
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I don't think the "animals don't practice monogamy" holds logical weight. As humans, we've always tried to separate ourselves from the rest of nature by doing things differently, and it's helped us become the dominant species on this planet. We RULE this planet.

As humans, we simply do what feels good while trying to make other people feel good if possible. I mean, we could cheat because it feels good, but do you think feeling good is better than ruining something that made you happy in the long run? What about your cultural tendency to make sure people around you feel good as well. Being cheated on hurts like a motherfucker, especially if you were in a committed relationship.
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1 Nov 2009, 12:06
i blame mac
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I think it's possible to be monogamous, but I think it's in human nature to want to "spread the love" in multiple areas. Several mammals do that. They mate with many of the other sex, humans do it too. It kind seems like human nature to go out and have sex with a lot of men/women.
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1 Nov 2009, 12:24
& skull.
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i just watched a doco on polygamy. i don't think i could do that. one bloke had seven wives. made me wonder what kind of self worth all those women had, but hey if it works for them then whatever. one guy actually had two wives, but the wives were screwing each other, and had other lovers. this poor bugger is doing all the house work, and i'm not entirely sure he was even getting to have sex with his wives!
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