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Boy, 6, misses bus so he tries driving to school
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6 Jan 2009, 23:15
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WICOMICO CHURCH, Va. - Having missed his bus, a 6-year-old Virginia boy tried to drive to school in his family's sedan and crashed.

State police say the boy suffered only minor injuries and eventually arrived at school after being evaluated at a local hospital. Police did not immediately return a call Tuesday asking who brought him there.

It happened around 7:40 a.m. Monday on Route 360, about 61 miles east of Richmond.

Police say the boy, who wasn't identified, missed the bus, took the keys to his family's 2005 Ford Taurus and started toward school while his mother was asleep.

He ran off the road several times before hitting an embankment and utility pole. Police say he wasn't wearing a safety belt.

The incident remains under investigation.


What I want to know is, what the heck was the mom doing asleep while a six year old boy was at the bus stop? Criminal charges should be filed against the mom.
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7 Jan 2009, 02:17
*~Loving You~*
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beats me -- that woman should not be a mother period...

i feel bad for the boy...
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14 Jan 2009, 03:09
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You would think they would have given him the day off of school or something after, you know, CRASHING THE CAR
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14 Jan 2009, 03:37
+& HelloKatie
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I heard on the news while I was home (in VA) that he said he learned to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto and that he crashed after passing a car because they were going too slowly!
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15 Jan 2009, 02:10
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Grand Theft Auto?!
That game is totally not appropriate for a six year old =/
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14 Jan 2009, 14:44
*amour de bebe*
Post Count: 235
WTF was the mother doing asleep?! Did she not get her son ready for school and make SURE he got on the bus?!
EUGH, bad parenting if you ask me....
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16 Jan 2009, 06:20
Aloha♥Nui Loa
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I agree. . . My first thought when I saw the title was where the hell is this kids parents. . . That's horrible.
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6 Jan 2009, 23:42
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haha thats ace, I'd of loved to of done something like that as a kid
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17 Jan 2009, 15:34
Acid Fairy
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Lol I found it funny too!
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7 Jan 2009, 02:21
Catch May If You Can
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pretty sad really, that the boy didn't even feel secure enough to go to his mom when he needed her, that he would rather put his life in danger than inconvenience his mother. When i used to miss the bus, i asked my mom to drive me, not just take the car. Makes me wonder whats happening at home. And i wonder why the mother was sleeping with a 6 year old at the bus stop as well.
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7 Jan 2009, 02:28
lady burt
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i remember one timei tried driving my moms car when i was like 5 or 6. haha. i almost drove it into our steps to get into the our house we used to live in. hehe.
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7 Jan 2009, 11:49
.Blue Bella.
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Gosh any normal 6 year old would have gone in and turned the telly on!
At least he wants his education!
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14 Jan 2009, 02:39
Sypha Belnades
Post Count: 64
I think you guys haven't considered that its most likely less "wanting an education" and more "if he didn't go to school he wouldn't eat that day".

Not to mention how it's probably not "didn't want to bother his mom" so much as "mom doesn't give a shit and he knows it".
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14 Jan 2009, 10:51
& skull.
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yeah i was thinking it's either go to school or have mum kick my ass.
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14 Jan 2009, 03:28
Jenna bean....
Post Count: 40
Gosh. What parent doesnt walk their 6 year old to the bed.... AND, of course he wasnt wearing a seat belt.... then he wouldnt have been able to reach the pedals. lol
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14 Jan 2009, 03:28
Jenna bean....
Post Count: 40
The bus stop* GOSH long day! lmao!
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14 Jan 2009, 16:50
Post Count: 2651
How did he reach the foot pedals? :-/ And how on earth did he know how to start a car?
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14 Jan 2009, 21:13
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the BBC news report stated that he had learnt how to control a car through playing on lots of car racing games!! lol. its unbelievable isnt it!! :D lol
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14 Jan 2009, 21:14
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and during the interview with the father, he stated that the mother was inside with the youngest child trying to find her shoes and didnt notice the young boy leaving.
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15 Jan 2009, 04:36
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my brother missed the bus and walked to school once. if i were him i would've gone back to bed. but no, he walked and arrived at the end of first period. ;-D
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16 Jan 2009, 04:16
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I do love how everyone assumes he MUST be abused if he decides to drive the car.

It couldn't be that, you know, he's SIX YEARS OLD and has SIX YEAR OLD LOGIC.
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16 Jan 2009, 04:24
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also, does it say anywhere that his bus stop was far away or something?

Just curious.

Because when I was little, my driveway WAS my bus stop. I was 12 before I lived somewhere where I had to walk a couple blocks. And my foster mother usually stayed inside. She'd keep an eye out from the window, but she had shit to do! So its possible that his mother wasn't being a horrible mother by sending her poor sweetums out in the big bad world all by his lonesome.

They just never taught him he can't drive a car.
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17 Jan 2009, 15:36
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Haha exactly.
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16 Jan 2009, 17:19
how it do [quotes]
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honestly. reminds me of a boy that got in his parents vehicle, put it in reverse, put the pedal to the floor and ended up hitting a tree across the street.
happened in a small town in iowa.
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16 Jan 2009, 18:41
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Oh man, press criminal charges against the mother because she thought her son was at school, so she went back to sleep.
Yeah, that sounds right. *sarcasm*

You wouldnt believe how many kids are sitting on their parents laps, driving, at the age of six out here in Michigan.
They sit on their parents lap, watch as the parents start the vehicle, grab a hold of the wheel and drive the vehicle under the parents supervision; and with the parent doing the pedals.

We also didnt get escorted out to the bus stop.
We walked there, hung out with the other kids and got on the bus.

He probably felt secure going to his mom, but felt that if he's supposed to be at school, than he needs to be at school.

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