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Scary films.
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4 Nov 2009, 21:52
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The ending was totally the best part of The Uninvited because I had noooo idea that was gonna happen =P
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2 Nov 2009, 00:13
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I agree about remakes as a general rule.
Something about The Uninvited though really surpassed my expectations.
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2 Nov 2009, 06:05
Tam I Am
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Ghost Ship creeped me out pretty good.
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4 Nov 2009, 13:31
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The Descent, Rec, The Ring.. I love those films cos they all genuinely scare me.. they aren't overly gorey though, just very jumpy (to me). I am a complete wimp yet i'm drawn to anything with a scary plot..
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4 Nov 2009, 17:29
feisty one.
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I am not scared by most "Scary" movies. I prefer the ones about ghosts and hauntings rather than gory, bloody, murder ones. Most of them are pretty predicable and not really as terrifying as the previews lead you to believe. I still like classics such as The Exorcist and The Shining. I agree with someone about What Lies Beneath being a little bit freakish - just the way it was played out. The Sixth Sense was interesting too. Hmm I think I am forgetting some but whatever, eh? I still haven't seen Paranormal Activity. I will probably just wait until it comes out on DVD.
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