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How did you meet your SO?
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18 Oct 2009, 00:01
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So i recently just got out of a relationship and im ready to get back out there..Not necessarily serious dating just but if something like happens then im all for it. Anyways...Im a kinda a shy person and dont really know where to start looking for a man..I know I shouldnt be the one looking but I dont even know where to meet anyone..I dont really wanna meet them at a bar or My question is where did ya'll find your SO?
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18 Oct 2009, 00:07
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Right here on Bloop, in the chat room when it was working.
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18 Oct 2009, 02:19
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on FOD, via the random button. I commented on an entry of his.

I know someone who met their fiance on

Meeting online is not unusual anymore. Whatever way you want to go, in person at different places , or online-just know what your expectations are and stick to that. Don't settle.
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18 Oct 2009, 17:54
Acid Fairy
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Well I'm single now, but I met my ex in a bar. I am surprised I am the only one on this thread to have met someone this way so far! We had a lot of mutual friends though. I made a beeline for him and we spent most of the night talking (drunkenly!) That's the English way however; to ask someone out you must be inebriated. A lot of Brits don't have the confidence to ask someone out sober - what if they said no?!! A comedian called Russell Howard does a great bit on this, comparing Americans to Brits.

I don't think I could meet someone online. I have ridiculously high standards and I'd be terrified to meet them in person and realise they aren't the person I thought they were - in looks or personality. Also when I have had guys message me, the majority of them are so horribly sleazy that it's really put me off online dating.
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18 Oct 2009, 18:47
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Im very skeptical about online dating..Like I would love to try it but im so afraid that he isnt going to turn out to be the guy he says he is. Also im a very shy person. I used to have a profile on Yahoo Personals and have had a lot of emails from different guys but have never taken that leap as to return any of most of the ones who email me arent that great
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19 Oct 2009, 17:14
annababe • •
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I met my ex at a bar too. Although, I was 17 and he was 21. I was working there at the time, and he was just drunk. haha
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18 Oct 2009, 21:39
Sunlight Silence
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I know a lot of people who have had quite a bit of luck on It's free, and has a lot of stuff to do on the site so it's a great way to waste time/procrastinate other things.
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22 Oct 2009, 17:07
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What she says, is a true story. :D
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20 Oct 2009, 09:26
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I met mine on eBay when he bought something off me. My advice is to not go looking for a man. I've always found oen when I least expected it.
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22 Oct 2009, 19:33
kid at heart.
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I agree. I found my boyfriend when I was least expecting it.
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22 Oct 2009, 20:17
Let It Be
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I agree, I met my boyfriend at work, and I was certainly not looking for love at the time. I think people run into problems when they LOOK for love, because then they'll think they've fond it only because its what they're looking for...if that makes any sense lol.
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20 Oct 2009, 13:21
ICky VICky
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i met mine on a bus i took home from work, he was my bus driver and was kind to me when i had bad days and dropped me off directly at my house when i worked really late. He even drove me home in his car when i was having a really bad day and missed my stop. Weve been at it for a year in dec.
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18 Oct 2009, 00:23
♥ Steph
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Met mine through mutual friends at a birthday party...
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18 Oct 2009, 02:05
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I meant my husband in a Yahoo Christian chat room. I remember being so embarrassed that's how we met so I told people we met at the mall for a long time. Actually I think my Dad still thinks that's how we met :P. I think I'd steer clear of bars and clubs because IMO it attracts a certain type of guy. I guess it depends on what you are really looking for. If it's short term fun than those are the places to be, if not, than I suggest not. Good luck!
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18 Oct 2009, 17:56
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I disagree. Sure you are going to get a lot of 'that type of guy' in a bar/club but believe me, a lot of them are not like that! Maybe you've been going to the wrong bars ;) I have met some complete dicks in some, and some absolute sweethearts in others. Just depends I guess.
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21 Oct 2009, 17:56
sincerely me♥
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Haha, I met my bf on about 2 1/2 years ago and we told most of my family we met at a bar while he was visiting the area. Then we told others we met online. Now we dont remember who we told what to either. =P Lol!
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18 Oct 2009, 02:24
Post Count: 74 I was bored one night and was watching tv at 3am and say a commerical for it. So I thought what the heck.
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18 Oct 2009, 04:16
Post Count: 300
through a friend~
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18 Oct 2009, 04:27
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
I went mine through mutual friends, although it took us a few years to actually really talk :P.
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19 Oct 2009, 10:19
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
Teehehe you went Justin :P xx
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19 Oct 2009, 15:47
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
haha I didn't even notice that. It's been a long two days :P.
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18 Oct 2009, 04:54
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
We worked together at East Side Marios... he was a line cook, I was a hostess. Hostesses here were usually 16 or so.. AKA off limits. Until he found out I was fair game. We didn't start dating until about 8 months after that though...
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18 Oct 2009, 06:06
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Our mothers are best friends. We spent a thanksgiving together once about 5 years ago but his first girlfriend (of two years) had just broken up with him so I barely remember him other then he was really quiet.

My mom was talking about how his fiance just broke up with him and I decided to message him on MySpace to just talk because I figured "why the hell not"

Ended up hanging out and getting hooked in a Moxie Java ha ha
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18 Oct 2009, 06:53
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Might mine on
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18 Oct 2009, 07:42
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
My first day at my old job. She was the one person who didn't come and introduce herself to me. This naturally made her the only person I wanted to talk to!
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