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pet food
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7 Jan 2009, 16:50
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My friend fed her cats iams and their weight dropped loads because what they were eating had no substance to it
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7 Jan 2009, 16:05
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Yeah it is, we fed it to our old cat but it gave him the shits
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8 Jan 2009, 08:38
Beautiful Lies
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I feed my cat IAMS indoor formula hairball and weight control. Iams has some substance to it because when my cat was a kitten I fed him Purina Kitten chow and he would just eat and eat and eat and eat. I could never put food in his bowl and just leave it there. When he hit the 1 year mark I transitioned him over to IAMS and now I can keep his bowl full all day, he doesn't have the need to eat constantly. I give him 1/2 cup 2x a day (once in the AM and once in the late afternoon) and he's a healthy weight and all that.

Iams isn't super cheap either. I mean it's not that expensive but $14 for an 8 lb bag sucks sometimes. Especially since my roomie has a cat too. heh.
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8 Jan 2009, 11:54
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I used to feed my cat a mixture of dry food and tinned food, but he got a urinary obstruction, so now he's only allowed tinned food (so as to keep him well hydrated). He's fussy too. He much prefers Wiskas over other brands.
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