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Why My Daughter Doesn't Need Chemotherapy
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12 Oct 2009, 23:17
Hayley McBayley
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Yeah, I was only saying what I did and would have done. I'm not saying what they did was wrong at all, like you said, it's a choice and my choice was chemo and theirs was natural medicine.
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13 Oct 2009, 01:29
Moonlight Shadows
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Congrats to you!!!!
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13 Oct 2009, 20:01
Hayley McBayley
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Thanks :)
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13 Oct 2009, 05:21
i blame mac
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I don't think there's anything wrong with the guy wanting to take the method of natural remedies as opposed to chemotherapy. It's definitely invasive, and he has stated he has had success with it in the past, regardless of how mundane the past issues may seem. So why not do something he feels works anyway? If his daughter seems okay with it, why pick at it? I'm sure I don't have all the information, but none of us can say whether it's right or wrong because we all have different views on the subject. What's right for one person may not be right for another.
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