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Entry Title
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6 Jan 2009, 03:51
Oprah Noodlemantra
Post Count: 300
How many people here title their entries before writing them? What about after?
I title mine before.
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6 Jan 2009, 17:21
Post Count: 32
I title mine before. Sometimes I'll change it before I post though.
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6 Jan 2009, 20:25
Post Count: 1938
My entries tend to be short, or even one-liners, so it's a complete summary. :)
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6 Jan 2009, 03:53
Post Count: 59
My titles are usually song titles or song lyrics, so what ever song Im listening to at the time, goes in as the title before I write my entry. :)
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6 Jan 2009, 03:59
Post Count: 137
All of my entries are song lyrics, so if nothing comes to me before I start the entry, I go back when I'm finished and title it :)
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6 Jan 2009, 04:01
Post Count: 274
I generally have an idea of what I'm going to say, so I will title it beforehand. But if it doesn't fit afterwards, I will change it. Sometimes song lyrics, sometimes just a generic idea of what the subject matter is, or a weird quote someone said.
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6 Jan 2009, 04:14
Post Count: 507
For years I had always named my entries after various songs. Dunno why I stopped or if I will start again.
Oh and almost always before writing.
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6 Jan 2009, 07:08
Post Count: 308
I rarely have a title in mind before I start. Usually, the titles are all over the place, too. They could be deep and meaningful, completely random, or bland and straightforward. Depends on how creative I'm feeling that day.
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6 Jan 2009, 08:19
omg it's jessica!
Post Count: 92
always before i write. a lot of my entries aren't very structured so they're usually pretty random, like a word or two and the first line of my entry completes a sentence or thought or lyric. lol
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6 Jan 2009, 10:32
Post Count: 260
I title mine before writing...maybe next time I'll try doing it afterwards. Mine are usually just random thoughts...I'm learning to try and connect them with the entry somehow...haha...that way I'LL know what the entries are about at a later stage :P
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6 Jan 2009, 11:29
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
after usually.
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6 Jan 2009, 19:57
Post Count: 751
I title mine usually before, unless I go off track writing the entry then retitle it.
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6 Jan 2009, 22:07
[mandie knickers]
Post Count: 157
mine are almost always song lyrics, so it just depends on what i'm listening to at the moment.

if i happen to hear a verse that i want as a title before i write it, then i'll use it.

if i hear it afterwards, then i'll do it after. ha.
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6 Jan 2009, 23:09
Post Count: 492
I do both. Sometimes I know what I am going to write about. Most of the time I write the title after my entry.
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7 Jan 2009, 00:05
Post Count: 885
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7 Jan 2009, 00:06
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Hmm. Usually before, but it depends.
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7 Jan 2009, 02:26
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
i usually title after because i never am gonna know what to write until i write it
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7 Jan 2009, 03:42
Post Count: 217
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7 Jan 2009, 07:20
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
After. Unless I have something specific in mind for the entry... (example: Christmas Pics or Beach trip with the puppies or My fridge had a coronary and died)
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