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favorite thing to do while pooping?
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13 Jan 2009, 18:34
Toffee Sprinkles
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Whaaat?! Does that mean two or three 6 - 10inch poops in one sitting?! Or should the total amount of poop come to about 6 - 10 inches? hahah
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9 Jan 2009, 16:14
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I straighten the towels on the rack near me, or I clean my ears with q-tips, or read labels.
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9 Jan 2009, 17:23
i blame mac
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I have a book in there. Right now Crime and Punishment is sitting on the back of the john. Good times.
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13 Jan 2009, 08:25
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I always read in the bathroom, but then I read everywhere so...
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13 Jan 2009, 12:13
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I usually play solitaire on my phone
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13 Jan 2009, 16:43
annababe • •
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is it weird that i read all six pages of this forum?! haha.
Amelie's post about "de-coding your poop" helped me.. (because i've been a little sick the past few days)

i usually just poop to get it over with. if i read, it would distract me.
i read shampoo bottles & such when i take a bath though. =P
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14 Jan 2009, 02:37
Sypha Belnades
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I like playin da ds or psp while I'm dropping the kids off at the pool

one time I scored like over three million points in parodius portable while on the toilet. when I got up I almost fell over because my legs were asleep.
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14 Jan 2009, 05:25
Lunar Sea
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I used to read, but these past few years I don't spend very long pooing any more. But my diet is awful at the moment so my poos are really unhealthy.
Though I'm a vegetarian and quite often my poos sink. What does this mean?
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14 Jan 2009, 05:50
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Even though I think this thread is disguisting, I feel the need to participate seeing as I don't see anyone else who does what I do. I take the toilet paper and fold it, sit it on my lap, then I stare at my toes the whole time. I don't know why, I have done that ever since I was little, if I have shoes and socks on I will take them off, I can't poo with them on, and if it is taking me a while, I will make my feet dance like make my toes touch then my heels. Weird I know, but I love my feet!!
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