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costco offers one year supply of food
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29 Sep 2009, 01:15
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ha ha... i went to today and the first thing i see is a one year supply of freeze dried food for $799... i had to laugh at that... i cant picture anyone going and buying this and stoing it storing it... but i guess im gonna feel like an asshole when i dont and need it right...

just thought i would share.
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29 Sep 2009, 05:07
Music God CJ Plain
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I'd be willing to bet that Costco makes a FORTUNE on this. 1)Stuff like this is a staple in the Mormon religion. 2)The Demand for Survival supplies like this have SKYROCKETED since Obama was elected. I've read reports where demand for this stuff has increased almost 700% since November of last year. 3)This stuff is actually fairly good tasting. I've eaten stuff like this on hunting/hiking expeditions and it's NOT a bad deal at all.
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29 Sep 2009, 16:15
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Eh... if I had the money, and the storage space I might buy it... it never hurts to be prepared. I'm not one of those wackos that thinks the end is coming or anything, lol. I bet they sell ALOT of this stuff...
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30 Sep 2009, 02:29
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Pros: crunchy!
Cons: may attract zombies

"The heartiness of the food is great! The TVP tastes just like meat, and I can hardly tell the difference. Its compact design fits GREAT in my underground bunker's shelves.

I think the best part about it is that the food will last well after 2012 or the upcoming zombie apocalypse (whichever comes first).

In summation, all you need is this food, good, clean water, a loaded shotgun and you're ready to go! Just remember, those things making the screams that you hear from outside your bunker walls are NO LONGER YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS!!!"

This is a review of the item!! This is the kind of people who buy things like
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1 Oct 2009, 01:06
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This comment wins so much. Lets be friends? lol
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1 Oct 2009, 15:58
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haha =)
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1 Oct 2009, 21:13
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hahahah yesssssssss
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30 Sep 2009, 23:34
Sypha Belnades
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Trying to court Mormon shoppers?
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1 Oct 2009, 02:36
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best idea ever! they clearly made it for internet hermits like me so we don't have to leave our houses anymore!
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29 Sep 2009, 02:59
Minda Hey Hey™
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wtf? for ONE person? oh, what will they come with next ;)? lol.
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29 Sep 2009, 03:31
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that CANNOT be healthy. =/
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29 Sep 2009, 05:03
Music God CJ Plain
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why wouldn't it be healthy? it's what they feed the astronauts. It's also what certain paramilitary groups use. Not only is it NOT unhealthy, it's actually fairly good tasting.

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29 Sep 2009, 05:07
Beautiful Lies
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Well it's not like it's freeze dried taco bell. lol. I'm sure it's got pretty decent nutritional value to it.

I also enjoy that there is ONE review written by someone that 'feels very secure' with that item in their pantry. hahahahahaha. Why would you buy $1000 worth of freeze dried food!? Well I guess there is that $200
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1 Oct 2009, 03:07
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imagine eating that all the time....ewww lol. i'd get sick of it after a week, forget for a year. i guess that's another advantage they have over sam's club. (where i work.)
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