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You'll get a kick out of this!
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27 Sep 2009, 22:27
Jessica [Private]
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I saw this a few minutes ago, and it's pretty awesome.

It's "100 viral videos in 4 minutes"
Basically 100 of the most popular videos online.

I've seen most of them, and theres a couple cute ones towards the middle that just had me cracking up. :D
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27 Sep 2009, 22:33
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
The baby laughing at 2:05 was the best part, by far.
You can't see that and not laugh with him ;D
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29 Sep 2009, 23:44
lithium layouts.
Post Count: 836
Haha, that was great! I've probably seen about 60% of those... I LOVE the ninja cat one...

Just makes you realise how much awesome stuff people can do, how much stupid stuff people can do, and all the pain that would have gone into many of those clips... xD
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30 Sep 2009, 03:32
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Oh yes, ninja cat.
That makes me want to become a cat fan ;D
Even though my allergies would hate my guts rofl.
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28 Sep 2009, 01:48
Post Count: 885
Bahahaha, hilarious!
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28 Sep 2009, 19:26
Post Count: 308
Well done video, I loved it :D
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28 Sep 2009, 20:27
Post Count: 144
ok now someone needs to make a link to every individual video for me since i am totally utube retarded and have probably only seen maybe ten of those...
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29 Sep 2009, 05:02
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Most, if not all, are in the "related videos" box. At least a few of them are that I saw, if that helps any :)
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28 Sep 2009, 22:29
Post Count: 72
Awwww no techno viking, but awesome nonetheless
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