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Red-light conversations
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20 Sep 2009, 01:18
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Today, I was driving home from class, and I was approaching a section of the road that merges from two lanes into one then splits back to two about a half a mile later. Coming up to the merge, nobody seemed willing to give me room to get in. As soon as I saw an opening big enough for my car, I forced my way in with the only inches to spare. After the road split back into two lanes, the person who I was behind for the merge was now next to me at a red light. She rolled down her window and yelled, "YOU NEED TO NOT DRIVE SO CLOSE TO PEOPLE, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO CALL THE POLICE!"

What I wanted to say was, "The person behind m was trying to box me out and prevent me from merging. If you were an observant and courteous driver you would have noticed this and sped up a little to give me some room since you were already going below the speed limit."

But I knew that the light would change soon, there was the general noise of other cars around, and I didn't feel the need to explain myself to somebody who obviously misunderstood the situation.

So instead of what I wanted to say, I settle for "EAT A DICK YOU OLD BITCH!" and then I went on my way.

In this thread, red-light conversations.
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20 Sep 2009, 02:55
Jessica [Private]
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Oh lord, me at a red light is amazing.

Whenever I see one of those people that stops a car length or more BACK from the freaking stopping line (not to be confused with the cross walk. THE STOPPING LINE.) I go 'hey uh, you kinda stop up there.' And their reactions are priceless ;D

The same with people who drive right past the stop lines (the ones about 4+ feet back from the crosswalk, so that trucks and larger vehicles can make right turns) and stop at the cross walks. I always tell them how rude they are for doing that. I've had to drive moving vans and shit, I hate having to wait through an entire light to turn, because some jacktard doesn't know how to stop where they're supposed to.
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20 Sep 2009, 14:47
lithium layouts.
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God, I've had people stop well past the crosswalk, to the point that I have to WEAVE in between cars in order to cross the road.

Man. Do NOT get me started on traffic shit. xD
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20 Sep 2009, 14:48
lithium layouts.
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And it's also amusing when they stop well past the crosswalk line, and then sheepishly reverse back. xD I'm like HAH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT.
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20 Sep 2009, 18:40
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ARGH! NOTHING makes me more angry than people who stop PAST the stopping line. Especially on side roads where if they pull up that far, you can't turn from the main road onto the side road without either hitting them or going up on the sidewalk. I usually do my best to piss those people off as much as possible xD.
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20 Sep 2009, 21:29
Jessica [Private]
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oh my god dude. I get that so often. I'm on the main street, and the car is pulled up so far I can't possibly turn in unless he backs up. And I'm sure as hell not going to sit there and let him go. So I ALWAYS just pull up past where I should (Seeing a pattern here ;)) and stay there until he backs up and I can go.

There was this other guy, who thought that he had the right of way over me. I'm making a left turn from a busy road, with no stop sign, and he's turning left onto said busy road and HAS a stop sign. I stop to start making my turn, and he goes EVERY time. He's almost hit me umpteen times now.
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20 Sep 2009, 14:46
lithium layouts.
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I haven't had a red-light conversation, but I have had some prepubescent teen try to signal 'wtf' to me at a red light. I'd overtaken him previously (and rather sharply) because he was driving so fucking slowly and swerving all over the place, and I was getting the shits. xD So when we were stopped, he ended up one car length in front of me, but in the lane left of me. And he kept waving and gesturing in a 'why did you do that' motion and I just smiled and pretended to sing along to the radio!
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20 Sep 2009, 23:07
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I live in a tourist area.

Bad driving is almost a given.

I've seen people drive in the wrong lanes against traffic to go around people sitting in a turn lane, looking at a fucking map.

When I come to red lights. I stop. And then I go. Lol. I'm a pretty balanced driver, so I'm not the aggressive tailgater but I'm not the "old grandmother" driver either.
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20 Sep 2009, 21:27
Let It Be
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Eat dick you old bitch=priceless.

One time I was just driving along with a girl started crossing the street, NOT in a crosswalk, from out of nowhere. So I hit my breaks and let her cross, and she starts yapping her mouth at me (mind you she was on the other side of the street, too, so it's not like I came close to hitting her at all). I couldn't hear her since I was inside the car, but I rolled down the window and told her what a stupid cunt she was and that she wasn't even in a crosswalk :-p. She shut her mouth and kept walking. I never gave her any sort of signal that I saw her or was stopping for her, people here randomly stand on the side of the street with no intention of crossing all the time. But that's about as exciting as my driving stories get lol. Though I do flip people off a lot and yell when necessary...or I just out drive them ;D. I WISH I could get stopped at a red light next to some of the idiots I see on the road!

I seriously think people should have to retake their drivers test, including a written exam, like every 15 years. There are WAY too many middle aged people who just seem to lose all knowledge of the rules of the road and how to follow them. Like people who drive down a center lane intended for TURNING...or even worse, when people stay in the DRIVING lane to turn instead of going into the TURNING lane, and people who have NO IDEA how to use their mirrors or switch lanes in a graceful manner...yeah, it needs to be MUCH harder to get and keep a drivers license.
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20 Sep 2009, 21:28
Let It Be
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*when, not with. gr.
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20 Sep 2009, 22:01
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Ugh - I've had some terrible experiences with people. I can't stand driving with idiots.

Though, as far as the topic goes - I haven't had any 'red light conversations' but I was witness to a redlight fistfight.

Back about 4 or 5 years ago my husband and I were friends with a guy we probably shouldn't have been friends with. His attitude was questionable, and his actions were worse. He was ALWAYS in some kind of fight. Well, him and my hubby were in a car club, because they had nice cars, and nice systems and custom work etc... There are rival clubs, too. Well we have a street, that is 4 lanes across each way, with a median in the middle. (I'm talking definite median, grass with cement curbs and everything) People cruise on it on Friday and Saturday nights - showing off their cool cars. So I was out cruising around with a friend, following behind my hubby and this kid, Mike. A rival car club was trying to run my hubby off the road in Mike's car - so at a red light, Mike gets out of the car, and do 4 of this rival dudes friends, and they all out BRAWLED in the median during a red light. The light turns green, they all scramble back to their cars. Hubby vrooms off, and I'm taking off after him and the guy cuts me off! I almost went up the curb! So now this dude is in between my hubby and I - and we're all speeding off this street and into some side streets. And I have 7 cars behind me, following their rival buddy dude in this chase! Hubby, and the rival are blowing through stop signs, because my hubby is trying to get away somewhere fast enough to 'hide' or whatever... (bad experience with guns one time, freaky shit those car club people!) so here's me ... following behind... STOPPING at every stop sign, because that meant the 7 cars behind ME had to stop, too, lol. And I didn't use turn signals, so that the cars behind me couldn't see which way hubby and the rival were going and speed around me. It ended up behind a really scary night - we almost had to take Mike to the ER because of that stupid fight, they made his head bleed. Needless to say after that, hubby took the car club sticker off this truck and tried to stay as inconspicuous as he could, lol. It was frightening!

People are stupid-crazy these days!
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20 Sep 2009, 22:26
Let It Be
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Wow, that sounds like a scene in Fast and Furious or something lol. Talk about dangerous/scary.
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21 Sep 2009, 10:56
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I hate it when someone pulls out, right in front of me, and decides to drive 20 miles below the speed limit.
Or, when driving on a hwy, and someone puts on the brakes.

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21 Sep 2009, 11:27
& skull.
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i'm not a fun person to drive near. at about 3am a taxi was sitting at a green and not going because he was looking at his gps, so i beeped at him to let him know as he'd been sitting there so long the light would've changed again, which it did as we drove through the intersection. he was doing about 20k's in a 60 zone so i thought "fuck this" and over took him.

for some reason this REALLY bothered him and he proceeded to turn his high beams on and drive as close as he possibly could. we then pulled up to a red and he got into the lane to the left of me intending on over taking me as we left the light. so when he did over take me i decided to return the favour and sped right up and switched my brights on.

anyway, we pulled up to another red and he got into the right hand turn lane. i sat there and flipped him off while grinning from ear to ear and he blasted his horn at me. so that was my "conversation". ;D
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