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Worlds Biggest Zit..
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12 Sep 2009, 22:58
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This is disgusting, but it's hard to turn away!
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12 Sep 2009, 23:21
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that is so gross, that is one BRAVE woman to be doing that.... sorry to break it to everyone though, that was a staff infection and not a zit.. especially since they were gagging over how bad it smelled..
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12 Sep 2009, 23:31
Music God CJ Plain
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that's MORE than a zit...I'd bet MONEY that's the result of MRSA being untreated.
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12 Sep 2009, 23:33
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My brother proudly showed this to me the other day. omg.
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13 Sep 2009, 00:19
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HOLY SHIT! Why did I just watch that!!! EWWWWW! *gags* lol I love how all through the video one girl was almost throwing up while the other one was just working on his back like it was nothing =S =P
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13 Sep 2009, 00:53
Endless Love
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After watching that, it definately was not a zit. It looked like a boil of some sort, and it wasn't very smart of them to mess with it if thats the case, it could of made it worse and spread the infection.
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13 Sep 2009, 16:36
*~Loving You~*
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that is not a zit -- its a cyst i had one on my lower back from a hit bump thingie, i guess i banged my lower back thing and it delvopedsomething inside and it was a cyst it did the same thing that she had to do
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12 Sep 2009, 23:27
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Ew, I'm not going to look at that, haha. If it had a smell to it like Brycen's mommy said, then yes, that is not a pimple.
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12 Sep 2009, 23:34
Zombie Steve
Bloop Owner
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12 Sep 2009, 23:52
proud daddy.
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it's most likely NOT a zit. it's probably a boil.
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12 Sep 2009, 23:56
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I'm not going to look at it. I'm pregnant so it would make me throw up. I'm just thinking about it and I am dry heaving. Great. lol.
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13 Sep 2009, 01:55
Emily the Strange
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that was insane!
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13 Sep 2009, 05:40
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ewwwwww. That was nasty.
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13 Sep 2009, 05:50
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13 Sep 2009, 07:05
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Ooooh that's so nasty. But cool at the same time. Nomnomnom.
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13 Sep 2009, 07:50
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
yeah that ain't a pimple.
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13 Sep 2009, 08:42
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Um, not a pimple.
That was a cyst.
That guy was a freaking trooper.
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13 Sep 2009, 10:49
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13 Sep 2009, 11:20
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It was an infection - everyone that said it was an infection was right. My new brother-in-law had the same exact thing but on his throat. When we watched it together he said that they should have brought him in. It wasn't a cyst or MRSA, just an infection that needed draining.

But yea, it was interesting to watch. ;-D
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13 Sep 2009, 15:23
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hahah I couldn't even get 10 seconds into it! The minute she started poking the thing I felt nauseated!
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13 Sep 2009, 16:35
Where are they now.
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I made it to the first squeeze. Than I started gagging.
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13 Sep 2009, 16:50
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Ok thats a cyst I get those all the time. That guy is going to have a horrible scar I've tried draining them myself before and the scars are horrible and its painful there was one drunk night where i let friends do it and it wasn't that disgusting cause they cleaned it first used a needle and gloves that was disgusting
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