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Sex and Making love. Is there a difference to yo
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6 Sep 2009, 13:58
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It's all semantics. Any perceived difference between the two, or for that matter between any of the words and phrases assigned to the deed, is purely cultural and will differ from person to person.

Generally, however, making love is romantic sex and sex is sex and f**king is where emotions don't matter (they don't have to be absent but it doesn't matter if they are).

I used to be a really sappy guy who would not entertain the idea of f**king and wanted to 'make love' every time it happened. Then as I grew up, I realised it doesn't have to be a heart-stopping, emotional experience every time. And for a while I actually tried f**king too. I didn't mind that too much either.

My opinion now is that sex is great. And if you go into it with a plan, it's much less great. Have sex, and if it happens to be emotional, say you made love. Or if the word sex makes you uncomfortable. And if you want it to feel dirty and naughty or piss off your parents, call it f**king. But there's no good reason to get bogged down in the words when it's not the words that are the fun bit.
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6 Sep 2009, 14:56
Catch May If You Can
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there are definitely difference between having sex and making love

i still use that phrase

making love...that feeling of closeness, of bonding, of love, of passion, that feeling that can bring you to tears because there is just something there that wasn't with other guys and flings.

Sex is just the act, just a way of getting that sexual frustration out, but making love is more about expressing deep feelings for eachother and sharing something intimate because you want to show how much you love and trust that person you are with.

i also find making love much more satisfying.
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7 Sep 2009, 05:11
& skull.
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making love has lots of gazing into each others eyes, slow kissing, slow moving, more touching. it's just generally slower and more sensual. sex/fucking is faster, louder involves more positions.
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7 Sep 2009, 05:13
& skull.
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oh and to add that that i've probably only what i'd call "made love" to my boyfriend like, three times? we usually just have sex, and anything wilder is fucking. both of which i've done more than made love lol.
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7 Sep 2009, 10:25
Lunar Sea
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I've never had sex with someone I'm not in love with, but I do see a difference between the terms. To me, making love sounds cheesy, and is typical film sex - missionary position, slow and with lots of sappy talk. Honestly, I sound like such a cynic! While gentle, kind sex is good sometimes I think the phrase generally doesn't allow for the fact that sex is messy and animalistic - even at its softest and nicest. That's the good thing about it. It's primal. Of course, to each their own!

I'll admit to enjoying fucking. Sex to me implies either the middle ground, just fun physical interaction, and fucking the more desperate, passionate act, where you just lose yourself in each other. All three mean love to me too.

Although generally I do see sex as being the umbrella term, as Puck said. Only when it's being put as a contrast to making love and fucking do I see them in those three terms.
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7 Sep 2009, 11:10
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The following information was gained through much arduous research involving men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life. It consists of the most frequently asked questions of women (i.e.relationships, sex and life in general). All women who read this are encouraged to use the wisdom contained therein to change their behavior in accordance with the truths established below.

Q: How do I know if I'm ready for sex?
A: Ask your boyfriend. He'll know when the time is right. When it comes to love and sex, men are much more responsible, since they're not as emotionally confused as women. It's a proven fact.

Q: Should I have sex on the first date?
A: YES. Before if possible.

Q: What exactly happens during the act of sex?
A: Again, this is entirely up to the man. The important thing to remember is that you must do whatever he tells you without question.
Sometimes, however, he may ask you to do certain things that may at first seem strange to you. Do them anyway.

Q: How long should the sex act last?
A: This is a natural & normal part of nature, so don't feel ashamed or embarrassed. After you've finished making love, he'll have a natural desire to leave you suddenly, & go out with his friends to play golf. Or perhaps another activity, such as going out with his friends to the bar for the purpose of consuming large amounts of alcohol & sharing a few personal thoughts with his buddies. Don't feel left out - while he's gone you can busy yourself by doing laundry, cleaning the apartment, or perhaps even going out to buy him an expensive gift. He'll come back when he's ready.

Q: What is "afterplay"?
A: After a man has finished making love, he needs to replenish his manly energy. "Afterplay" is simply a list of important activities for you to do after lovemaking. This includes lighting his cigarette, making him a sandwich or pizza, bringing him a few beers, or leaving him alone to sleep while you go out and buy him an expensive gift.

Q: Does the size of the penis matter?
A: Yes. Although many women believe that quality, not quantity, is important, studies show this is simply not true. The average erect male penis measures about three inches. Anything longer than that is extremely rare and if by some chance your lover's sexual organ is 4 inches or over, you should go down on your knees and thank your lucky stars and do everything possible to please him, such as doing his laundry, cleaning his apartment and/or buying him an expensive gift.

Q: What about the female orgasm?
A: What about it? There's no such thing. It's a myth
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7 Sep 2009, 12:08
i blame mac
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lmfao awesome man.
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7 Sep 2009, 16:28
The Ryan
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7 Sep 2009, 21:12
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lol cute
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