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Would you consider this cheating?
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1 Sep 2009, 17:48
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I just read Jodi's thing on cheating and adultery that lead me to think of something interesting.

What about those porn sites where you can chat with someone well they start stripping and doing sexual things? If your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse decided to go to those sites and participate in them would you consider that cheating?
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1 Sep 2009, 18:09
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Hmmm not if it's with someone that does that for a job. That's like saying getting a lap dance is cheating.
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1 Sep 2009, 19:13
Mojo Jojo
Post Count: 278
I would. But I consider most things cheating. I am a jealous woman
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1 Sep 2009, 22:23
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You and me both.
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2 Sep 2009, 03:12
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I would have to say if the person is just there for a show and thats it.. i wouldnt care aslong as it doesnt interfere with our sex life or personal life.
Its no different then watching porn really.. just that a bunch of horny men can all chat to this girl at once. it's still a job.
even if its a site with a bunch of women just flaunting themselves around.. aslong as there is no intentions to meet, or conversation between them beyond the sex as a need for release, i couldn't care less if im not home.
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5 Sep 2009, 17:46
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I think the thing is though, this sort of behavior leads to wanting to meet in person and having sex. It also could lead to an emotinal attachment.
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2 Sep 2009, 14:23
Post Count: 279
I definitely would!
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2 Sep 2009, 23:56
*~Loving You~*
Post Count: 507
Yes -- chatting and stuff like that can be cheating over the internet esp those porn people

But watchin porn its disgusting in my opinon cuz I just dun like it or get it but if he likes it do it when I'm not around but if I'm home and he's watchin it that's rude n disrespectful if he did. But people have their preferences lookin and such naww but I don't like it so luckly he doesn't but chatitng with em and having a tease moment yes cheating
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5 Sep 2009, 22:37
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I think if you are TALKING to someone while they are stripping for you? or w/e.. thats cheating. The way I see cheating is if they have to lie about it, feel like its deceiving, if they wouldn't want you doing it .. its cheating!
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6 Sep 2009, 08:29
Mistress Sarah
Post Count: 45
'Cheating' is a range of different things, it depends on the level of trust in the relationship. For example, if it would bother you that your man would watch porn and he did it behind your back, then yeah, not cool. If you don't mind him watching porn without you, then nope. I think there are sensitive areas that need to be discussed, and if there is that trust there, then I can't imagine it being a problem.
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1 Sep 2009, 17:56
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I consider cheating anytime a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend is lusting for another person, instead of lusting for you.
So, yes, I would personally consider it cheating.
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2 Sep 2009, 18:10
kein mitleid
Post Count: 592
Damn... then I guess I cheat on my wife non-freakin'-stop.

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7 Sep 2009, 10:47
Lunar Sea
Post Count: 128
I think most people feel sexually attracted to a variety of people, even when they're in a relationship. It's not something you can really help, being hardwired into your body and all. Of course, there's a difference between looking at a woman and finding her attractive to spending the next three days wanking over her, but I'd consider asking your other half to have no sexual response to anyone but you a little bit unrealistic.
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1 Sep 2009, 18:02
Post Count: 35
yes. i consider porn fairly harmless (in my relationship) because it is 100% fantasy, where the woman is nothing more than a picture/video, of a time previously captured. But unlike porn, this situation would be a real-time interaction with my husband and a live, breathing woman. not okay with that.
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1 Sep 2009, 23:12
Post Count: 268
I am in agreeance! Porn doesn't bother me. It can even be something a couple can interract over, but if a partner is actively participating in a sexual activity (lap dances don't bother me, as even I can appreciate one of those), then I think of that as cheating.
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1 Sep 2009, 18:41
Post Count: 492
I don't think porn is cheating. It's only a film and that film at the same time has got other people off. If it was a face to face interaction, then yes, I consider that cheating.
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1 Sep 2009, 22:26
Post Count: 507
In realtime??? Wow.... yea. Not much difference than getting a hotel room eh?
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2 Sep 2009, 00:18
Post Count: 571
I wouldnt consider it cheating. Id ask my partner to watch with me.
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2 Sep 2009, 01:43
Post Count: 140
Hmmm good question. I wouldn't consider it "cheating" but I wouldn't say that's being faithful either.

I'd throw a bitch fit over it no matter what.
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2 Sep 2009, 02:30
Endless Love
Post Count: 102
It all depends, I'm usually fairly leniant. if my husband told me he was going to watch it, and asked if I was ok with it. I would probably be fine with it. If he did it behind my back and hid it from me, then I'd be upset and I'd conider it cheating.
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2 Sep 2009, 02:30
Endless Love
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5 Sep 2009, 20:14
Post Count: 102
i think i'd have to agree with you
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2 Sep 2009, 02:49
Post Count: 751
I wouldn't consider looking at porn cheating. But getting on a live chat room with someone and them seeing you naked, and you seeing them naked is def not okay in my book, and would dance on the edges of "cheating" to me.
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2 Sep 2009, 03:26
Post Count: 196
Depends if we've discussed it or not.
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2 Sep 2009, 04:49
Post Count: 90
Umm..since he can interact with this person, yes, it's cheating. Regular porn, just watching, no involvement, is not cheating as far as I'm concerned.
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