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For married people and people in relationships.
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29 Aug 2009, 16:18
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Thats cool. Like I said somewhere on this post, I was living with my sons father when we were together and was perfectly fine with that. We never talked about marriage but once in a blue moon and that was ok because it was like we were married ya know? He knows how desperate I am to get out of my parents house and we both get along so well that I think it would be the next step in the relationship to move in with each other but since we never talk about that sort of thing im not sure how he feels. All he ever talks about is how hes going to get a place of his own and how I should get one of mine but I think that would be dumb seeing how if I were to buy a house and then a couple months later him ask me to move in with him..what am I to do with the house then..haha! idk!
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28 Aug 2009, 21:24
Let It Be
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I've been with partner for 4 and a half years, and we got engaged (I have a ring and no wedding date ;D) a year ago in July. We have also have lived together for 3 years. I have no idea when we started talking about marriage/children. I knew he was the one like within a month of us being together, I never doubted it for a moment, so we probably started having those conversations pretty early, maybe within the first 4-6 months or so...but still, we talked about those things KNOWING that it wouldn't be happening until well into the future. Now we talk about wedding stuff and babies quite a bit, because it's far more relevant than it was when we were 17, but it's still not something we're jumping to go do. The wedding has to wait until we're in a better financial situation, and having babies needs to wait until we enjoy a bit more of our youth. But we're lucky and it was easy for us to talk about that stuff, not everyone is willing to think that far ahead and commit to someone indefinitely. Even though dating for a year can feel like a long time, it really isn't when you compare it to spending the rest of your life with someone. Sometimes I think there should be a mandatory 2.5 years of dating and 6 months of living together rule before anyone gets married :-p, but that's just my opinion.
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29 Aug 2009, 03:07
Ariel ♥
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I was with my boyfriend for 4 years and we never lived together or got engaged or nothing. He knew I wanted to get married after the 2nd year and he always wanted to live with mommy knowing I wanted to have a place with him and I eventually broke up with him for not taking the next step with me...oh and he was a jerkface mommy's boy who always made excuses not to be with me...then after I broke up with him THEN he wanted to move in together, get married and all that shit. ugh. So see if you can be as patient as I was for as long and see how long you can take took me 4 years and I was done.
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29 Aug 2009, 16:37
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My bf and I have known each other for 5 years and were very good friends before we started dating. We started talking about marriage around 7 months into our relationship. We talked about children after that. We've been dating for 2 and a half years/ He has talked to me about getting engaged. However I want to wait until we have some money saved up. We have also decided on names for babies, if and when it happens. I want to at least be engaged and done school . But we've discussed it just because things do happen.
Every person is different though, every guy thinks differently. Good luck :D
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30 Aug 2009, 01:39
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Well my husband and I got engaged 10 months after we started dating and we had only known each other (yikes) three weeks when we started dating. We started dating in July of 2005, got engaged May of 2006 and got married in May of 2007. We talked about both of our feelings about marriage and kids in general but not about with each other until we were dating for a few months. I think it all depends on each couple. We just knew we'd get married and were going to try to wait until we both graduated college. That didn't happen (even close) seeing as I graduated high school in '06. Still, we have waited on some things. We haven't had children yet because we haven't been ready, and the older we get (and more ready we are), we are still waiting to be in a financial place that we can handle that responsibility.
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30 Aug 2009, 20:26
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That's kinda how me and my hubby were. We knew each other for 3 weeks before we started dating.
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30 Aug 2009, 05:54
take me there
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I was with my boyfriend for two years. We had the discussion on how to raise kids and that we both wanted to wait several years. We also had the marriage discussion, he said he wanted to propose to me and he was going to save money to do so. I never really brought it up much after that. We both agreed though that we wouldn't get married until I was out of college.
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30 Aug 2009, 17:44
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I am just here to agree with the don't put pressure on people thing. I have just split with my fella of 6.5yrs as I wanted children and he has decided he didn't, he has bolted. We lived together for 5 years though and both agreed we didn't want to get married, we had talked about kids loads in past, he even suggested trying in January this year but then he bolted and broke my heart, they can change there minds overnight almost it seems. Scares me to ever think about asking anyone else again now.
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31 Aug 2009, 00:16
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My husband started talking about marrieage about 3-4 months into our relationship, we got engaged after a year and married a year and a half after that. We have discussed our futures from about 4 months into the relationship, but everyone is different, and I know a lot of my guy friends don't even really think about kids and whatnot. We are hitting our 2 year wedding anniversary next week, and kids still isn't on our agenda for the time being.
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31 Aug 2009, 04:42
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my husband and i met in may of one year and were married the following june. but i think we're unusual. :-D good luck.
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