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looking for an activity
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27 Aug 2009, 02:33
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I played a game a couple years ago in a seminar and I am trying to find it now. I've been searching for a while now so I wondered if maybe anyone else had heard about it.

It's played with a larger group of people.
Each person has a role to play.
There were roles like "pregnant teenager" "drug dealer" "Lesbian"
Each role had like pros and cons to it, for example the Pregnant teen, you want to save that person for the baby... however its another mouth to feed..

Basically, you are stranded in the ocean, you and the other survivors must choose which of you get to live based on the pros and cons of the role (like in the example)

Any body ever heard of it?
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27 Aug 2009, 04:09
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Yes I have, but I wouldnt know the name of it either, I saw it in a foreign movie once, was quite interesting.

A better game though, is on where you blind fold a person, and they have to guess what body part they are getting their face touched with.
Good times I tell you.
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28 Aug 2009, 04:50
i blame mac
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I don't know that game...but a good one is Scruples...or maybe yeah I got nothing else...I don't really play games.
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27 Aug 2009, 18:17
Mojo Jojo
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I prefer Jenga in all game playing situations
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28 Aug 2009, 10:31
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Haha - so 'lesbian' is a role? What about heterosexual? And indeed asexual!
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28 Aug 2009, 16:10
Meghans Follie
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It almost sounds like "The UNgame" but played in a general "mass" type of way...
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