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Pathetic People
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15 Aug 2009, 18:25
Zombie Steve
Bloop Owner
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It's sad when things like this happen. The best thing to do is definitely to use the privacy settings to your advantage. At least if it's a FO entry and your boyfriend receives a message, you have a list of culprits.
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13 Aug 2009, 14:23
Immortal Shadows
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Thanks Fellow bloopies for the advice. Not going to worry about it. It didn't affect my relationship at all.
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13 Aug 2009, 15:34
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I saw an entry you posted and I was completely confused, so I didn't comment, but now I understand what's going on. That's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Why do it? Jealousy issues?? I swear, the internet makes people regress to junior high. 8| I'm sorry someone was so idiotic. :(
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13 Aug 2009, 18:36
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Someone must know you and your boyfriend. That was pretty low. I don't understand why people do the things they do sometimes. A friend of mine had this happen to her in the past.
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13 Aug 2009, 19:45
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They could have found your facebook by searching your email address... *shrugs* Just a thought... get a throw-a-way email address and put that in your bloop profile. get it at like gmail and have it forward mail to you normal one.... that way no one can track you from it on other sites.

I am just guessing though. heh... weird situation anyway.

Best of luck to you.
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13 Aug 2009, 22:45
Belladonna Poison
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You know what you could always do is if your boyfriend didn't delete the message.. you could always do a search on there to find out a little more and then do a search here.. that's the only thing i can think of.. other than that i'm sorry..
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14 Aug 2009, 06:19
Post Count: 2651
Did you ever post a link to photos on Facebook? Does your one Bloop friend on Facebook have other Bloopers on HER Facebook? (If so, they could find you via comments she's posted on your photos). Even if Facebook profiles are private, your friends list is public unless you change your Facebook settings. And your photos are usually visible to friends of friends if they comment on them, or you tag them... unless you change those settings too.

So several ways in which people could have figured out which one your boyfriend is. Still, would have had to be someone who knows either you, or your friend.
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14 Aug 2009, 07:21
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Lol. I had that happen to me as well. I'm still thinking it was him who found my bloop. And I've had people from work find it and show everyone what I wrote in there about them. I don't really care though.

I'm sorry that someone did that. It's pretty pathetic when people have to stoop that low.
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14 Aug 2009, 10:02
Jessica [Private]
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This makes me glad I'm on FO =/

I'm sorry some people are such trash.
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15 Aug 2009, 02:56
Mami 2 ♥ 1
Post Count: 361
i read someone on here who had someone copy and paste some of her entries and send them to her fiances ex wife. idk how that happened but i was and still am completely baffeled at how that happened. no one knows how it happened and it caused some drama for the writer. its all crazy.
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