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6 Things
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6 Aug 2009, 02:15
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My husband. Even when he's irritating the crap out of me.

My animals.

A good book that I've read so many times the front is falling off ;-D

The TV show Bones.

Days off of work when I have no where to go and can stay in my pajamas all day.

My best friend, Sara, who shares not only my name, but everything else with me.
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6 Aug 2009, 04:58
Minda Hey Hey™
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"but i don't want to be a sexy scientist." "well that's like me saying i don't want to be a sexy FBI agent...."

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6 Aug 2009, 04:52
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
1. Mordecai, my wonderful (yet extremely needy) catface.
2. Payday.
3. Watching Adult Swim every night before bed (except on Saturdays when they play that anime crap all night).
4. Semicolons.
5. A relaxing weekend at the cabin (tubing on the lake, grillin' some brats and having some beers, farkle contests and blu ray documentaries).
6. Towels straight out of the dryer.
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8 Aug 2009, 02:27
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Ooh, whore, I forgot! There was some marble building that was Mordecai something or other and Mordecai was carved into the side of it that we say while we were in Savannah and I took a picture for you! I'll have to upload it.
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8 Aug 2009, 06:28
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
awww. :) I'm happy you thought of me and my awesome cat! :D
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6 Aug 2009, 09:41
Post Count: 2651
1. Being with my friends
2. Being adored by my little cousins
3. Cuddles from my cat
4. Listening to my favourite bands live
5. Chocolate
6. Being told I'm good at my job
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6 Aug 2009, 11:13
Post Count: 263
1. My cats. They are seriously like my babies.
2. My boyfriend, Sonny. We have been together so long, and that amazes me because usually I get bored of people easily.
3. My laptop, it is my life source LOL.
4. Getting lost in a good book that I cannot put down.
5. Relaxing weekends at home, doing absolutely nothing.
6. The smell of clean laundry.
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6 Aug 2009, 12:08
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
1. Cold cider with ice in it.
2. Seeing my name in print.
3. The thrill of discrete flirtations with uberhot women.
4. Reading big books on the train.
5. Eating Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers until I am sick.
6. Car-oake. Singing karaoke in the car.

There are no finer things in life!
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6 Aug 2009, 13:29
its jordyn, baby!
Post Count: 6
1. Being super busy with things I enjoy doing.
2. Being on the open road.
3. Autumn, the best time of year.
4. Having a good hair day. (along with having the perfect outfit :D)
5. Raspberry iced-tea.
6. Taking pictures, so you can relive any moment as many times as you'd like.

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6 Aug 2009, 16:25
Post Count: 300
1. my boyfriend, always
2. walking into MY first apartment after a day of work
3. car rides to random places miles away with my love
4. dunkin' donuts coffee anytime time of the day [night, usually]
5. vanilla anything!
6. xbox - halo and fable. nom.
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6 Aug 2009, 19:18
Me, I'm Not
Post Count: 93
My six things
1. Driving to no place in particular with Danie
2. Spending with my family
3. The smile on my daughter's face.
4.Sleeping in on Saturday morning
5. Listening to Muse, the volume turned way up.
6. working.
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7 Aug 2009, 00:36
Post Count: 571
Sleeping in on Sunday morning!! thats a GREAT one!!
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7 Aug 2009, 00:36
Post Count: 571
Well... Sat or Sun..... you know what I mean...
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6 Aug 2009, 19:44
Post Count: 73
1.] Getting home after a long work trip [this has to be my biggest happy moment ever!]
2.] Studying. I love the feeling I get when I take tests and game quizzes and realize I'm actually retaining knowledge.
3.] Cracking open the bottle of my favorite Sake after a long day... or any day.
4.] Um, sex. Especially if he initiates it.
5.] Doodling, and it actually comes out nicely.
6.] Coding a pretty layout with a great color combination.
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7 Aug 2009, 00:23
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
1.) My boyfriend.
2.) Animals - especially including my own.
3.) Taking pictures. I feel good when I have a camera in my hands.
4.) Random adventures to nowhere with my boyfriend. We always find the coolest places/things.
5.) Stars & star-shaped objects.
6.) My family. Even when they drive me crazy ;).
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7 Aug 2009, 14:58
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
my boyfriend
the color pink
watching movies
playing video games
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7 Aug 2009, 18:09
LaYdEe pRiTtIi
Post Count: 11
6 banananaz. :)
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8 Aug 2009, 05:09
[mandie knickers]
Post Count: 157
1. long distance phone calls ♥
2. cuddles
3. a good book
4. inside jokes
5. good music
6. spending time with my friends.
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