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Who are your favorite people to Subscribe to on
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30 Jul 2009, 00:55
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I'm subscribed to her! I love her. :)
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29 Jul 2009, 14:32
Post Count: 126
ah heres my list (hopefully this works, i've never linked things in here before):

ItsBrent-he does funny vlogs
JadenNation he reports news, hes funny, and he talks about all things Twilight/New moon...
Jason/Jhoov he documents his life, usually at his work, or when he takes vacations, hes a sweet drummer,and he does a lot of acrobatics.
JoeFelice he's very funny and rather political, i dig him.
Shay Carl he makes a vlog everyday, hes funny, he includes his kids and his wife
SxePhil he's funny... he reports the news

DanJT87 He's got a very beautiful voice he does a lot of covers and has some originals as well.
Julia Nunes shes a great uke player, and shes got a pretty voice... i love her covers.
Sweetafton another uke player, she writes really odd yet cool originals.
Seeso yet another uke player. He is unique, does a lot of covers and collabs.
Meghan Tonjes shes amazing. She does covers every tuesday, and some inbetween. Has her own stuff too and she put out an album a few months back
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29 Jul 2009, 14:34
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i have no clue why all those "here' links are there... but yeah, they all go to yahoo haha the one time i post links...yay??

but the rest work!
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29 Jul 2009, 14:40
Sensitive Girl
Post Count: 21
I like aldoOblaga on youtube. I don't generally subscribe to stuff though.
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29 Jul 2009, 14:41
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco, iJustine, KassemG
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31 Jul 2009, 00:14
Post Count: 11
I am subscribed to Pursebuzz as well but I agree she is a bit annoying at times.

Other people I am subscribed to include :

communitychannel (Comedy/Skits/Random stuff)
panacea81 (Beauty)
MakeupGeekTV (Beauty)
MichellePhan (Beauty)
IsaacNewton25 (Really great karaoke videos)
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31 Jul 2009, 01:19
Post Count: 96
vlogbrothers - The original nerdfighters. Funny stuff.
charlieissocoollike - Funny, but doesn't post many videos now.
communitychannel - A.K.A. Nat. Funny, regular videos.
frezned - Hilarious videos, but infrequent.
sistersalad - Two sisters (plus invisisis), based on vlogbrothers. Funny stuff.
5awesomegays - Like the 5 awesome guys, but with rainbows. ;D
tyleroakley - One of the 5AG.
MattKoval - Funny director/storyteller.
livelavalive - Funny shorts by Mitchel Davis and his friend Kyle.
liamkylesullivan - Funny vids (the Kelly guy (the Shoes girl))
raocow - AMAZING LPer. Very random. Daily updates.

Wow. I subscribe to a lot. Because there are many more than this. xD
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31 Jul 2009, 11:08
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
sister salad = love.
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1 Aug 2009, 08:52
Post Count: 492
I have like 5. The one I like the most is CandyJohnson. She teaches you different celeb makeup looks. She is super nice too.
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1 Aug 2009, 08:54
Post Count: 492
Opps, the correct name is kandeejohnson
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2 Aug 2009, 09:29
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
metal daniel - just found this guy today. he does gaming themes on guitar! fucking wicked.
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3 Aug 2009, 06:00
Post Count: 72
Smosh is my number one favourite. I hang out for their videos!

Kevjumba amuses me, and also his other channel, jumbafund, which donates to a different charity every month.

Grotrev - My husbands drummer, and his drumming and random explosions

And then I just love watching videos of people trying vegemite lol
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