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Irrational fears
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4 Aug 2009, 01:13
Beautiful Lies
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I did not hyperventilate with the "spring oreo" thing! I just made my roommate eat those ones...and I may have put them into a separate bag to keep them out of mine...
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28 Jul 2009, 07:05
& skull.
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oh here's another one i thought of. i am scared beyond belief that i'm going to go to the toilet one day and suffer a prolapse.
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3 Aug 2009, 06:50
& skull.
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oh here's a pretty funny fear of mine. well, funny to people other than me. sometimes i worry that if i spend an extended period in a room with the door closed, when i leave the room i'll be in a different dimension, or whatever. no idea where i got that one from.
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3 Aug 2009, 12:39
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My fears. They are pretty extreme, to me. But here goes. I've already repled to a few of you but I'll repost.

- I have a fear of walking by dark rooms at work that have a sliding room with a window on the door. I have this fear of someone looking out at me. I have to turn all the lights on or I can't deal.

- dark murky water. I have a fear of crocs or alligators getting me. I love the water and I love those animals. But it's my fear.

- being caught in a potentionally fatal disaster and not get myself out or not be saved. Drowning. Fire. ect.

- Kidnapped.

-spiders. I lose my head.

- buttcracks. LOL

-dirty underwear. i hate dirty laundry that isn't my own or my fiances. It just grosses me out.

- dirty dishes. I hate spit and drool I hate saliva i will puke if it gets on me. it;s nasty. even my fiances. it's another thing with kissing tho but even then i like to keep it clean. lol

i have tons. i don't feel like going on anymore lol
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3 Aug 2009, 15:00
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Oh gosh, did I post in this thread?

-Balloons. I'm terrified they'll pop. When little kids have them my anxiety heightens. ;D
-Foliage. I cannot have plants touching my bare skin, like if you've gone and trimmed some wayward brush and ask me to pick it up. I have to wear gloves and even then I'm still squeamish.
-Opening mail. Whether it be email or snail mail if it comes from 'official' sorts I can't open it the minute I get it.
-Floating on my back. My stomach is fine, but my back I just can't do without spazzing out.
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3 Aug 2009, 15:42
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i have a fear of DEAD deer. i start to hyperventilate whenever i see one. my dad is a hunter and i dread whenever he gets a deer. i can't stand stuffed deer heads, like the ones hunters hang on the wall. i can't deal with them. eep!
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3 Aug 2009, 18:36
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I have a huge huge fear of Escalator's . I am scared of them have no idea why,but when Iget close to them I start to panic. I rather go in an elevator and risk getting stuck in there than ride the escalator. One time my brother wanted me to ride one and I started running from him. yah they scare the crap out of me.
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4 Aug 2009, 20:39
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3 Aug 2009, 18:36
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I have a fear of Wal-Mart and big department stores like that. I panic everytime I pull out my wallet. HAHA
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3 Aug 2009, 19:18
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I'm terrified of spiders. Doesn't help that my cat is useless at hunting them. ;P

Even when they're dead I still can't bear to pick them up or get near them. It's the legs... the thought of them touching me freaks me out.
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3 Aug 2009, 23:16
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Haha, I've had to get used to spiders. My mom has always been a single parent and has always been scared of two things.. spiders and grasshoppers. I kill all spiders that could bite and then I take grandaddy longlegs out by picking them up by a leg :P.
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4 Aug 2009, 20:36
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3 Aug 2009, 23:15
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All of my fears are what I know to be completely irrational. I'm a person that ALWAYS has that "what if" scenario playing through my head. I don't like going to the restrooms in theaters because someone might kill me in them. I will NOT drive with my work badge on (it goes on a thing around my neck) because if I wreck, it might strangle me. I am scared SHITLESS of the dark. If you leave me in the dark with no lights, alone, I will cry hysterically. I will not park my car in our garage (which is about 100 feet from my house) and walk down at night because I feel like someone is after me or watching me. I'm terrified to the point of tears of ants. If my toenails are a bit long, I won't wear any shoes with toes in them because I'm scared it'll rip the toenail off. I'm worried about ANY and EVERYthing.
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3 Aug 2009, 23:39
Tam I Am
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Oh man. I keep my toenails really short cause I'm scared to death that I'll scratch myself in the middle of the night and have to get stitches in my legs.
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4 Aug 2009, 20:40
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4 Aug 2009, 05:44
Kelsey Lynn xox
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ooer, this is interesting to read!

- unlike most people, i have a fear of my closet being closed. i have to keep it open, cuz if i was to wake up in the middle of the night and see it closed, i would spaz. i would rather wake up and see someone in it than have it closed and have them pop out at me.
- after i first watched the movie "the ring" i had to have my tv on for about 2 years, cuz if i woke up in the middle of the night and it was off, i was afraid that it was just going to pop on the fuzzy station and the ring girl was going to come out of it!
- im still terrified of shower curtains. if i'm at someone else's house and they have dark shower curtains, i always have to push them back and check to see if anyone is in the tub. when i was little, to cope with the fear, i used to make "rules" like there can't be anyone in there when someone is in the next room, or if its daylight...i was a weird child. lmao
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4 Aug 2009, 06:30
jessi bear(:
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along with feet, clowns, and mice...

i'm terrified of spiders. i don't want them near me, i don't want to see them, and i don't want to think about them. i swear my heart stops.
i was creek stomping with my big brother and two friends and we were climbing a log jam when becca noticed a spider in the water. i practically flew over the log jam to get away from it. i was on my brother's back screaming and everything. it's sooo bad.

i'm also really scared of people popping up in windows. when it's dark outside, especially if i'm home alone, i have to have the blinds closed. i have a really intense fear of someone being on the other side of the glass when i look up. sliding glass doors are the worst!
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4 Aug 2009, 18:40
Sensitive Girl
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I'm really scared of needles, I used to cry and fight when I had to get them, so imagine how thrilled I was when I was told I had diabetes when I was pregnant. My husband could tell you how many tantrums I threw when he had to give me the injections. I ended up having to do some myself, because he wasn't home when I had to take them... it was the hardest part of my pregnancy. The rest was easy peasy, I wasn't even too scared for my C section.

I hate hate all insects, even harmless flies.

I'm scared of the dark, and although I know we have a triple lock/safety door I always worry someone entered the apartment somehow and something will happen to me. So I run from my room to the bathroom and back... I get so nervous I often almost fall down the ladder to my bed because I am shaking so bad my feet don't find the steps.
Also the same as some of you with the windows at night. I have a fear someone's looking in and I don't see them.

I have a hard hard time being outside on my own at night time. I am always scared someone is following me. It was rough when I had to go to my daughter's school meetings last winter, as they were held around 7 pm and lasted a couple of hours... I had to walk home in the dark... it's only a 5 minutes walk, but it creeped me out, I actually RAN home and up the 4 floors.

When entering the bathroom, I always have to look on the floor... that's due to having to deal with lots of palmetto bugs and stuff like these in Florida. Now even though I know we don't have those in France, I still have the habit of checking for them.

I also can't sit in a room with my back to the door, I wanna see who enters etc...

I'm very scared that someone will come into the apartment and kidnap or hurt my daughter at night. I had a hard time letting her sleep in her own room when she was a baby and we lived in a house, it took me a while. And I'm still scared of that now, and we live on the 4th floor of a buidling... every time I wake up to go to the bathroom, I have to check on her.

Have you gotten the point ? I'm a scaredy cat.
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4 Aug 2009, 21:42
Catch May If You Can
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crossing busy highways, i get so freaked out when i have to do that
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5 Aug 2009, 01:18
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I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate needles! It can be the smallest needle and I freak out. My other fear is being stuck on small places. Ever see that movie The Desent? The part when they were crawling through those narrow caves was freaking me out just watching. I would never be caught dead on one of those places though, haha.
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5 Aug 2009, 05:03
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I'M INCREDIBLY afraid of trains, choking on food, and driving at night.
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5 Aug 2009, 07:01
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The dark doesn't bother me- but it's the fact that something COULD be in the dark. I'm also deathly afraid of elevators. thunderstorms. and silence during the nighttime hours. stoves kind of creep me out too....well..anything that has the potential to start a fire creeps me out. sharks. and bodies of water in general (not afraid to swim, just afraid of what lives in the water)
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5 Aug 2009, 19:53
*amour de bebe*
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I'm scared of fish.... lol
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5 Aug 2009, 21:37
Lady Lazarus
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There have been many times I've gone to the toilet at night and had to stop mid-stream and run back to my room because I get scared that something is crawling up the U-Bend to get me! I think this comes from Stephen Kings "IT" (the film) where the clown was in the plumbing once....

Sometimes bald, fat men scared the living daylights out of me. Not bald skinny men, or fat men with hair... it has to be the specific combination of being bald and fat (especially with a beer belly).

Many people tell me being scared of bugs and spiders is irrational. But I maintain that one day these people will be eaten alive by said bugs and I will be able to dance on their graves singing "I told you so, I told you so".
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