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The coolest wedding entrance EVER!
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26 Jul 2009, 02:47
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Oooh that post-kiss song would be so cool! :-D
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26 Jul 2009, 03:04
something amazing.
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We'll need something to drown out the gun range we're having the wedding and reception near! lol. We're getting married in a city park, and it's across the street from the outdoor range, but I don't care. We're getting married in all these trees and there's a pond and it's going to be awesome. :)
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26 Jul 2009, 03:12
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sounds pretty!
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26 Jul 2009, 09:34
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Hmmm... different. I admire their creativity, but couldn't they have chosen a better song? And how many bridesmaids WERE there? And why were they wearing different colours? The dresses were really boring too... they looked as if they'd just been for a walk along the beach, not part of a wedding party! The dancing was a nice idea though.
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26 Jul 2009, 13:49
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It is very common now a days to stay in the same color palette but where different colors and dresses. Make the wedding more modern. I think the song was perfect and I don't think the amount of bridesmaids really matter. The wedding was beautiful and I cried because you could feel the love and the energy from that wedding. And thats whats making it so popular!
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26 Jul 2009, 14:50
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Maybe it's an American thing... I've never seen different coloured bridesmaids over here (I've seen slight variations on dress style though, but in identical colour). Having lots of bridesmaids is definitely an American thing. In the UK women will usually only have 2 or 3 bridesmaids. I still think the dresses were boring though. Makes them all look really plain. Then again, I've heard some brides deliberately dress down their bridesmaids, so as not to distract attention from them.

And would you really want to dance at your wedding to a song by a guy who beat up his girl friend? It doesn't seem very romantic to me!

I'm not against the idea of dancing down the aisle though (and I know what you mean about feeling the love and energy, that is definitely true)... I think it's quite cool. I just think they could have chosen a better song, and nicer bridesmaid dresses!

I far prefer the YouTube video of the couple who danced to the Dirty Dancing theme at their wedding reception.
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26 Jul 2009, 17:35
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I thought it was freaking awesome. I want my wedding like that!:)
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28 Jul 2009, 03:37
Meghans Follie
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We did something similar at my cousin's wedding a few years ago. Only it was on the way out of the ceremony and into the reception.
On the way out it was to "we are family" (cause all of us cousins (7 of us) and our kids (5 of them) were in the wedding. Those of us who were married - our spouses joined us for the "dance out" along with the aunts and uncles (there were close to 300 people at the wedding)
And then our kids danced in with my cousin and his new wife to "celebration" to the reception.
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28 Jul 2009, 14:13
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after me and my mom watched it i told her i wanted fall out boy's "I'm like a lawyer with the way i'm always trying to get you off (me & you)" to play at my wedding during the entrance and she said the lyrics weren't right :P i just love the chorus
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28 Jul 2009, 16:55
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Absolutely AMAZING! I loved it XD Gave me goosebumps!!

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28 Jul 2009, 23:37
Catch May If You Can
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i would LOVE to do something fun like that! i want that same energy for my wedding some day!
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