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A Female Flatmate's Sex Toy
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27 Jul 2009, 03:27
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my friends have seen mine and i've seen my friends so if any of us saw the others we'd probably start telling some crazy sex story! hahaha
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27 Jul 2009, 06:43
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
HAHAH YOU SKEEV! Lol. Hell I dunno. If it was in the shower then it probably got some soap and water on it. Just use some damn toilet paper and pick the fucker up and go toss it on their bed.
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4 Aug 2009, 16:45
Lunar Sea
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Well, it was in the bathroom! Not in the shower itself. And it was indeed clean.
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4 Aug 2009, 19:50
Tam I Am
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You are great
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4 Aug 2009, 17:21
Post Count: 37
I'd poke it with a stick for a while... and when i get bored of that, i'll just walk away...
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4 Aug 2009, 23:02
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I'd just say, "There's something in the bathroom and I have no idea what it is but it looks scary. Would you go get rid of it?" Then you could come back and say, "I dealt with it. No need to worry your pretty little head about it." And then I would say, "Thank you. You're adorable."
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5 Aug 2009, 00:28
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I'd ask if she was hungry.. and assuming it's the sex toy Im thinking about, I'd serve it between two slices of bread.
Then scream "I'M A WILD BOAR" in a high pitched voice and jump out the window Bruce Willis style.
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