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Any photoshop gurus out there?
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23 Jul 2009, 15:21
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Just as the title says.. are there any photoshop gurus out there?

I need some wedding photos photoshopped.

My seconond shooter messed up on the famlily photos and I can only do so much with my talent, and I was hoping there was someone out there that would want to take a stab at them.. ive stared at them so much my eyes are starting to hurt. Please note: You cant polish a turd, and I know that, but I need to see if anyone can make it a little less turdish better than what I did.

If you are able/willing to try and have skill, and talent with photoshop please let me know!

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23 Jul 2009, 18:37
immortalized artiste
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Maybe you should post one of the pictures to show what, exactly, is wrong with it... so people can determine if they can do anything.
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23 Jul 2009, 23:19
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I can give it a shot. Depends what's wrong with them though - like Jessa said, it would be helpful to see what needs to be done with them. :)
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23 Jul 2009, 23:50
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Hey girls, its some major head swapping, and the kicker is that some of them are out of focus, some in focus, but not all looking athe camera etc. I would be eamiling you guys, I have no clue how to post to bloop.
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