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What do you do while Pooping?
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24 Jul 2009, 03:06
~*Peace of Mind*~
Post Count: 41
I do a Suduko puzzle, crossword puzzle or read the comics in the newspaper. :-D
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24 Jul 2009, 05:41
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Normally I just go in, do my business and get out ;D
If it's not a speedy thing then I usually read whatever's in reach.

I actually keep a book in my bathroom, cuz I don't like to let my straightener/hair dryer heat up when I'm not in the room.
So I just close the toilet seat and read while it's heating up ;D
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24 Jul 2009, 16:50
Ashley Winter
Post Count: 63
I read, hehe. I love reading so much that I usually pretend I have to poop just so I can read.
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24 Jul 2009, 17:45
Post Count: 160
I read Harry Potter (Currently) for like, the 6th time lol Usually I text (when I could) and play games, look at videos or pictures on my phone. Sing to myself and make poop calls instead of drunk calls LOL
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25 Jul 2009, 09:35
Juniper ♥
Post Count: 69
i don't usually take too long in the poo-room. since my bathroom is off my bedroom i keep the door open half the time so i can spy on my dogs and make sure they aren't chewing things they shouldn't be, or bring them into the bathroom with me for the same reason... which means bathroom time is spent telling them to get out of the bathroom and go play, or stop attacking me i'm trying to pee. i've done some bathroom texting. and some bathroom reading. but sometimes i'll take a book and only read a few lines before i'm done so i may as well get off the toilet and read somewhere more comfy.
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25 Jul 2009, 14:28
Lunar Sea
Post Count: 128
My poos also do not take very long most of the time, so I don't always read, but if my stomach is a bit unhappy and it might take some time for the whole thing to be done, I read. I also think and muse on various things. Sometimes I get embarrassed imagining fictional situations because suddenly I'll feel all the people in my head are watching me poo.

My friend once said this: "I love pooing. Sat on the toilet is the only time in the world where no one expects anything of you."

I think it has truth. :D
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25 Jul 2009, 23:54
Post Count: 11
I make REALLY weird noises and talk to myself. It's almost like a Pooper's Tourette's. I hate it when I have to go in public. =[

One time I sat down and said "RELEASE THESE DEMONS!!" very loudly. It's like I can't control what I say. Ha.
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26 Jul 2009, 08:58
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i might bite at my nails, but other wise, not much.
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27 Jul 2009, 09:35
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i keep a good book in the bathroom.
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