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22 Jul 2009, 10:09
Post Count: 268
Who uses it? :]
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22 Jul 2009, 19:34
Post Count: 1938
I do!
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22 Jul 2009, 10:28
Post Count: 2651
I have it but rarely use it. I might do if I was having regular phone conversations with someone who was overseas though, to save on phonebills.
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22 Jul 2009, 13:23
Madeline Rain
Post Count: 151
I use it to talk to my parents. They live in another country and it's always nice to have video chats where we can all see each other.
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22 Jul 2009, 13:27
Post Count: 1096
I was going to get skype mobile, but after looking around i realised their coverage is very bad where i live.
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22 Jul 2009, 16:33
Madeline Rain
Post Count: 151
Actually, I have it on my phone and it works pretty well in wi-fi areas.
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22 Jul 2009, 18:31
Post Count: 74
I just got it. I don't really know how to use it LOL. My username is jkerkemeyer
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22 Jul 2009, 19:16
Post Count: 260
I've had it for a long time - and have only used it a couple times. But my friend will be moving to Arizona in the Spring, which is pretty much the other side of the country from me - so I'm sure it'll get some use! lol
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22 Jul 2009, 19:41
just samma;
Post Count: 204
i have it although i rarely use it.
I find MSN Video Chats work a lot better.
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22 Jul 2009, 21:07
Post Count: 83
I use it to chat with my boyfriend. But it drops our calls a lot. You guys have any tips for that? or maybe a better program?
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23 Jul 2009, 08:12
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
That seems odd. I've used it with several people and never had that problem.
I'd think it was an internet problem. Slow connection or maybe a wireless one, something of that nature.
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22 Jul 2009, 21:14
Post Count: 96
I use it to talk to some people I don't know well enough to give out personal information, but well enough to do other online things.

I use it almost every day.
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22 Jul 2009, 21:43
i`m his lil bearrr.
Post Count: 41
I've used it to video-chat with Starleigh!!! I don't have many people on my friend's list though, so I don't really sign in anymore!
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