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What do you do while blooping?
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19 Jul 2009, 02:33
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caffeine and nicotine for me
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19 Jul 2009, 02:57
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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I leave bloop on all day. I am completely addicted. I bloop and eat, drink, watch TV. I am usually in the chair next to my bed. I check bloop first thing in the AM and almost last thing before bed. I am clothed, naked, in a towel, just depends on what is goin on around me.
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19 Jul 2009, 03:50
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If I am on bloop that means Jordyn is aleep. lol Sometimes if she is really interested in a Spongebob I will sneak on for a few minutes, but usually at night. I am always in my pj's lying in bed, with my laptop.
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19 Jul 2009, 08:48
& skull.
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i'm basically just staring at the screen, lol. but i do usually have music on. lately though it's been master chef in the background ♥
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19 Jul 2009, 10:16
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I tend to Bloop after getting ready for work in the morning, when I'm also checking Facebook/Twitter. I sometimes have the tv or some music on and am always slurping a cup of milky tea!
I also check Bloop after work, sometimes still in my uniform and sometimes after getting changed, then usually throughout the evening when I'm doing various other things online such as chatting on MSN! In fact what usually happens is I start an entry then dinner is ready so I finish Blooping after eating!
Weekends are different of course :) I'm currently in my pjs, cup of tea in hand and having a flick through a magazine!
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19 Jul 2009, 13:15
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I have a list
1.facebook cats
3.pick spots
4.pick nose (with tissue)
5.feed face things news tv
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19 Jul 2009, 18:23
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Bloop isn't even on your list :S
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19 Jul 2009, 18:39
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Why would I write bloop when I replying to a question asking what I do while blooping?
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19 Jul 2009, 13:36
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
I usually bloop first thing in the morning when I'm having a cigarette. Or anytime throughout the day if I'm not working, like today. I eat while I bloop sometimes, but I don't usually listen to music or watch TV because I end up not paying any attention to it anyway. I'll bloop while I'm doing other things online, or when I should be doing something like homework. Normally I do not bloop naked but I'm sure it's happened more than once :-p. Right now I'm blooping while I cook!
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19 Jul 2009, 17:29
kein mitleid
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Laptop + toilet.

I mean, isn't that what Bloop is? Blog + Pooping = Blooping?
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19 Jul 2009, 17:37
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I like to keep my 'home library' classic which means I haven't adapted to including laptops in my arsenal. :(

Paper or plastic? It'll always be paper in that situation.
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19 Jul 2009, 18:00
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
haha that is brilliant.
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19 Jul 2009, 19:39
Post Count: 268
*thumbs up*
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19 Jul 2009, 21:01
Post Count: 102
i'm normally watching tv at the same time.
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19 Jul 2009, 23:15
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Well I am usually blooping at work, which I am now. ;D I am always on bloop and laying in my bed with my lap top. I am usually in my PJs which is what I am in 90% of the time I am at home and have nothing to do. I watch TV, and snack while I am looking around bloop. I am never naked while on bloop, that just feels weird lol. If I am anything close to naked, it's a tshirt and panties which are my PJs at that moment. I also take bloop into the bathroom with me to go to the bathroom if I really have to go, and am reading something interesting. ;D Most of the time, bloop is always open and I go to other sites like youtube and stuff like that.
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20 Jul 2009, 04:17
Post Count: 571
Usually I check bloop, facebook and IGN while I feast upon my lunch at work.


Listening to Alexisonfire. I got blue jeans and a black jumper.
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20 Jul 2009, 14:05
Post Count: 425
YO! There's my HOT picture, yo!
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20 Jul 2009, 04:24
Post Count: 308
I'm usually multitasking. It can take me up to an hour to write an entry because I have other websites open.

I currently have six tabs open in Firefox, and two conversations on msn. Plus Spotify for teh musiks, and TV for music background noise. ha

Occasionally, my cat makes herself comfortable in front of my keyboard, or I have my lizard dozing nearby. I don't tend to eat in front of the computer, though. Drinking, on the other hand.. :P

Other times I'll be on Paint Shop Pro editing pictures for DeviantArt. Reading webcomics. Staring at the wall. Chasing the cat. Cleaning. Lots of different stuff. hehe
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20 Jul 2009, 05:55
Tam I Am
Post Count: 309
Usually I'm on the couch drinking something (tonight it just happens to be whiskey... Southern Comfort to be exact), listening to music with my headphones cause Kevin's usually watching something gay on TV, chatting, and playing on facebook. Lol. There have been quite a few times I've been talking to one of my bloop friends on the phone while writing an entry. Or texting them!
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20 Jul 2009, 06:25
Juniper ♥
Post Count: 69
i'm almost always in my pj's or sweats when i'm at home, which means on bloop, too. sometimes real clothes happen if i'm blooping before i go somewhere or right when i get home... or i've been out and i know i'm going out again. anyway babble. sometimes there is music on. sometimes i'm chatting to either nikki or audrey on aol. sometimes i'm also checking other sites -facebook, myspace, about half the time i have a dog in my lap sleeping. or i'm telling a dog to either shut up or knock it off or hey stop that or stop chewing that.. etc etc. since i don't currently have a desk.. i'm sitting on a pillow on the floor and i have to randomly shift and sit in funny positions because my ass/legs either start to hurt or fall asleep. sometimes i snack. sometimes i drink various liquids. i'll think about how to word some of my entries as i'm trying to fall asleep or when i'm staring off into space during any sort of activity. (watching tv, cooking.. yada yada.) so i'm not really doing anything too amazing or entertaining while i bloop.
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22 Jul 2009, 04:35
take me there
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i thought this said what do you do while pooping hahaha. anyways. it depends i guess normally just iming people.
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22 Jul 2009, 16:00
Emily the Strange
Post Count: 195
3. facebook
4. twitter
5. Random IM's
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23 Jul 2009, 01:41
Hidden Depths
Post Count: 81
I thought it said pooping too.. I was like "uh.. what?"
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23 Jul 2009, 07:43
Post Count: 247
Half the time I am on the computer I am stripped to my bra and panties or just pajama pants, I have the hottest room in this house even with air running and a fan does me no justice, the lady that lives with me keeps it on fucking 80-85 because she says anything lower then that makes it on auto all day, we're not paying for utilitys so why should she worry unless our land lord says something [they pay it] I find it hard to sleep because I wake up burning, not even a blanket over my window does me justice anymore either so I'm stuck pretty much.
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23 Jul 2009, 23:23
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