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Sex. How many is too many?
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18 Jul 2009, 04:46
Endless Love
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18 Jul 2009, 00:28
kein mitleid
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What's the difference between a bitch and a slut?

A slut has sex with everyone.
A bitch has sex with everyone but YOU.
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18 Jul 2009, 01:49
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Im 23 and Iv been with 6 men..does that make me a slut? I dont think so
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18 Jul 2009, 02:34
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I don't think anyone can be called a slut, I mean what is the difference between having sex with 50 guys, or having sex with one guy 50 times? Especially if you used a condom, then it's really not like 50 penises came into contact with one vagina (Or vise versa) it's 50 condoms that came into contact with one vagina. I think people should just worry about themselves, and that means to use protection at all times! Unless you and your partner both got checked and are in a 100% monogamous relationship. I lost my virginity at a young age, I was 13, but have only slept with 2 guys. The 2nd one I have been with for 5 and a half years. Everyone has different situations, I know girls who have had sex with 7 or 8 guys and lost their virginity at the age of 15 or 16, and are now 20-22. People just need to stop being so judgemental and just worry about themselves.
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18 Jul 2009, 04:53
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i think theres a big difference between sleeping with 50 people and someone 50 times...
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18 Jul 2009, 03:25
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a slut is someone that lies about who they slept with, especially if you were in a relationship at the time! f*cking slut
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18 Jul 2009, 05:31
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I remember in elementary school when this girl and my friend who was a male were getting in to an argument. She called him a slut and I was very confused because I'd thought a slut was a woman who was particularly promiscuous. Obviously my male friend was a male! ;D But no, a slut is someone who is incredibly promiscuous, at least that is what I believe.

There is a difference between sleeping with 50 different men and one man 50 times. A level of commitment. I've never been one to engage in any sexual activity without having an established relationship of some sort with them. It's emotionally protective, really. Do I think I could respect myself if I were putting my 50th notch in the bedpost at ANY age? No. I could not.

I think that it's a matter of the person, their age, and the frequency in which they are having sexual encounters with DIFFERENT partners.
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18 Jul 2009, 05:32
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I haven't read any previous replies to this thread, so if I'm repeating something then too bad.

In my opinion, a SINGLE girl can sleep with who ever and with how many people she wants. It's up to her. I'm a big believer in this, because the same applies to guys.

Slut to me, is a woman who knows what she wants.

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18 Jul 2009, 11:19
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"Slut to me, is a woman who knows what she wants."

How does she know what she wants? If she's going around sleeping with 5 different men a day, and spreading diseases, that to me, does not tell me she knows what she wants. She sounds a bit lost to me.

If you were really happy with what you wanted, you wouldn't feel the need to sleep around with several people and just keep it at one person.
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18 Jul 2009, 12:57
Let It Be
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Yeah, I'd have to agree with you. If someone is sleeping around with a ton of different people to fill some hole within themselves, than I'd definitely say they DON'T know what they want. Someone who is in a committed, clean, monogamous relationship knows what they want..hence why they stick with it instead of running from man to man or woman to woman.

I don't think 'slut' can be defined by the number of people as much as by why/how they're sleeping around. If someone sleeps with a new person every week, but uses protection, gets frequently tested for STDs, and knows their actions are simply for sexual gratification...than okay.

If someone is sleeping with a new person every week and NOT using protection, acting ignorant about STDs and pregnancy, and thinks that every new guy/girl is the love of their life, or that their actions are perfectly okay...maybe a slut, and definitely lost. I think age matters too, there is a big difference between someone who sleeps around at 14 and someone who sleeps around at 24 or 34.
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18 Jul 2009, 10:08
Minda Hey Hey™
Post Count: 330
So I've slept with about 11 guys since I was 16 and I'm 26 now. What is that? Like one guy a year? Hahaha. So it wasn't exactly that way but I highly doubt I would be deemed a "slut". Personally I think if someone is safe about it then what is the big deal? A lot of people these days don't take the safety precautions though and that is where the problem is.

Just MY opinion though.
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18 Jul 2009, 10:15
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ive slept with 6 people and i feel rather inexperienced compared to other people. im 23. i was in a relationship with 3 of them.

i would call a slut someone who for example, sleeps with her best friend's boyfriend.. someone who puts their lust before someone's feelings.. someone who likes to take what isnt hers. the bloke is more wrong yeah but we all know what it feels like to be hurt and if you know your actions could have awful consequences, why do it?

i dont think the number of people matter. everyone has different views on sex. i think sex is better when youre with someone but im comfortable having fun too and theres no harm in it.

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20 Jul 2009, 09:10
Jessica [Private]
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"ive slept with 6 people and i feel rather inexperienced compared to other people. im 23."

Hahaha, at least I'm not the only one who feels inexperienced.
I've been with 1 person, and I'm 20 ;D
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18 Jul 2009, 14:09
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Too me a slut is a girl/guy who sleeps with around without contraception. Thats just really gross in my eyes.
I don't think it's a bad thing to go out and sow your wild oats- go out and have fun by all means- just use condoms.

by the time I started my relationship with Paul [whome I've been with since I was nigh on 18] I had had sex with 3 other men.
First was an asshole who I thought at I loved two weeks before my 16th birthday
then the next was with a guy I was in a relationship with
and then the last before Paul was me just sleeping with this guy who I did actually have feelings for but was dumb and niave.

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18 Jul 2009, 14:37
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My fiancÚ and I have only ever slept with each other. I was almost 16 (6 days after) and he was 19. 5 years later and we are getting married next year. To me it is special that we have only been with each other. I have done other things with a few guys, which I regret, so I am glad I have never slept with anyone else. However, I had a friend who has slept with multiple guys and I don't judge her and I don't think she is a slut. She lives her life and I live mine.
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18 Jul 2009, 16:14
Emily the Strange
Post Count: 195
I'm finding the justifications in this thread lovely. "I've slept with 10 guys, but I was in a relationship with them". So, it's ok that you've slept with ten men, as long as there's emotion involved? Why does sex have to be linked to a relationship in order for it to be "ok"? What makes it different from the girls who have had 10 one night stands? Sex is sex. Kind of like the difference between the grand canyon and a pot hole. both got there in different ways, but in the end a hole is still a hole.
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18 Jul 2009, 21:56
Lady Lazarus
Post Count: 126
I am 24 and have slept with 7 people. 5 of those were one night stands when I was aged between 16 and 19 and was "off the rails".

I don't think I'm a slut. Nor do am I particularly fond of that word or any other word that was created by men to keep women in their place and to penalise them for having the same qualities as a man.

Now to know me now you'd realise that I am in fact, an absolute prude. I doubt very much I'll enter double figures on number of people slept with before I pop my clogs. However... if a woman is using precaution and being safe, what is wrong with her having as many one night stands as she wishes to have?? If a woman is free and single and is not ready to tie herself down to a relationship, why should she automatically not be allowed to enjoy sex when it's something she finds fun and enjoyable??

Yes sex is special when it's between two people that are in love. We all know that. But sex was also designed to feel pretty damn good regardless of what emotions are involved.

I see no problems with a woman being comfortable with her sexuality and chosing to go out and have as much safe sex as she wants.

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19 Jul 2009, 03:40
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I'm sorry. Maybe I'm a prude but I don't think there is any way to justify having sex with dozens of people (for a man or a woman). While I don't believe in using terms like 'slut' because they are super judgmental, I also don't believe in sleeping with anything that moves. Regardless of our pasts it's really about choices. You either choose to have sex with the person or don't. That's it. I would wager that everyone has been put into a position where they could say "yes" or "no".

There are numerous reasons other than STD risk to NOT have sex with lots of people. For one, there is a special connection during sex, and regardless if it's a one night stand or a lengthy relationship having sex with someone DOES affect you as a person. Each relationship you have affects you emotionally.

I don't think poorly of those who have had multiple partners but I think it's pretty sad that people don't treat sex more carefully. I would never want my child, or siblings to enter into sexual relationships without caution, and careful thinking and precaution. I think the basic problem with people (as a whole, and I don't mean anyone specifically on this diary site) is that no one has self respect anymore. I respect myself and my body way to much to just let anybody have it.
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19 Jul 2009, 07:21
Kelsey Lynn xox
Post Count: 150
while most seem to define slut as how many partners she's/he's slept with, i find that when i define slut, it has a lot more to do with her personality and actions, rather than numbers or figures. for example, a slut is someone who goes after guys she knows are in a relationship, who dresses provocatively, who doesn't mind if guys use her for her body. more of her personality, than her numbers. because someone could have had a rough patch, racked up a bunch of numbers, than realized they needed to stop and are committed to someone. now, would you call that person a slut, even if they've been committed for over 5 years, 10 years? i think not.
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19 Jul 2009, 08:43
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i think it's the frequency of different partners that makes someone a slut, and not the count itself. i consider it pretty slutty to be sleeping with multiple partners in the space of a month. like i'm sure you could probably pick one and stick with it.

a female friend of mine has slept with probably about 15 blokes, but i don't really consider her slutty. sure it's way more than my dismal count of two, but she wasn't out banging three blokes at once. i do have a male friend that was with two different women in one night and three over that one weekend which i did find rather slutty. not that it matters what gender they are, but yeah. frequency of partners is what does it for me, not the total count of partners.
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19 Jul 2009, 12:29
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I'm 18 & I've been with five people. Although i regret a couple I don't think i'm a slut.
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20 Jul 2009, 06:36
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well....i don't think your a slut EITHER!!
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20 Jul 2009, 07:36
Tam I Am
Post Count: 309
My personal opinion is that if you're are too ashamed to admit to how many people you've slept with, then that's when you have a problem. I have no problem admitting that I've slept with as many people as I have. I lost my virginity at 21 and at 29 I've slept with 12 people. Does that make me a slut? I don't think so. Will someone else think so? Probably but who really cares? If you're comfortable with yourself and what you've done with your life screw everyone else.
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20 Jul 2009, 10:52
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
here's a question. my boyfriend and i have only had one other partner each. he has asked in the past if i'm ok with never being able to sleep with anyone else [we're long term, so that's a possibility]. i'm pretty comfortable with that. i mean some may think i'm inexperienced, but you can do a lot of stuff with just one person lol. he sort of entertained the thought of wanting to "sew more seeds" as it were, but is it really worth doing?
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20 Jul 2009, 11:42
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Nooo. I think one person is enough in that situation. It doesn't make you inexperienced & if you try someone else they probably just wont measure up because you & your boy know each other so well sexually..
The best sex i've ever had was with my boyfriend of two years, & I know thats because we were so comfortable with each other.
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