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Swimming pool + girl = immactulate conception?
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11 Jul 2009, 20:36
The Ryan
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Polish holidaymaker Magdalena Kwiatkowska says her daughter, age 13, fell pregnant from the swimming pool in their Egyptian hotel.

While infertile women flock to the resort, Magdalena Kwiatkowska is seeking compensation from the hotel.

Mum says “stray sperm” in the pool are the reason her child is with child.

“The mother is adamant that her daughter didn’t meet any boys while she was there and is determined to go ahead with the case,” says one travel industry source.

Brilliant, yo!! And a very likely story!
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11 Jul 2009, 21:11
Mary Magdelene
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Sorry, Mom, but Baby Girl DID meet some boy. The stuff that's in the pool (chlorine) kills sperm. So any "stray sperm" in the pool would have died.'s not just a river in Egypt.
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12 Jul 2009, 03:57
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There are some pools that don't use chlorine. My sister's HOA banns chlorine, and they use something else similar to salt water.
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12 Jul 2009, 06:36
Mary Magdelene
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Regardless, she'd have to have been naked in the pool so the sperm could come into direct contact with her vagina, and it would have had to have been within minutes of him ejaculating in the pool. And since the movement of the water in the pool would have dissipated the sperm, the odds of her getting pregnant would be miniscule. And while it's remotely (VERY remotely) possible to get pregnant while wearing panties while doing heavy petting, there still has to be something to projectile the sperm past the panties into the vagina. So if she was wearing a swimsuit, there is no way "stray sperm" in a pool could have gotten her pregnant.

The mom is in complete denial.
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12 Jul 2009, 08:26
& skull.
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12 Jul 2009, 16:03
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well... the swimsuit bottoms would be saturated with pool water, making it easier for the sperm to pass through - as opposed to dry panties, which would absorb the seminal fluid and make it much more difficult for sperm to pass.

not that i believe this bullshit, of course. just saying. ;D
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12 Jul 2009, 03:59
Jessica [Private]
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Hahahha. ;D
I was hoping someone would bust out the denial joke ;D
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11 Jul 2009, 21:11
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If it is true, the sad thing would be explaining it to the baby once it's grown and that they will never know who the childs father even is, the child was made from her mothers eggs and a random bit of sperm floating about.
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12 Jul 2009, 01:14
Meghans Follie
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I saw that the other day and about died giggling
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12 Jul 2009, 03:29
lithium layouts.
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Those must've been some pretty hardy sperm, then. xD She's gonna give birth to Superman/woman!
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12 Jul 2009, 03:40
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Well it may have been a "stray sperm" from a "stray man" that her daughter met.. and is just refusing to admit to it.. geeeeeeeze
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12 Jul 2009, 12:55
Acid Fairy
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Haha I read this on Fark yesterday. Seriously, mommy needs some biology lessons!
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11 Jul 2009, 21:09
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bahahaha! is that even possible? surely the chlorine would kill off anything? the duration of sperm living in such a place for very long would be seriously short!
stray sperm lmao.
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11 Jul 2009, 21:11
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That would be a brilliant story "where were you conceived?" "oh, a wank in a swimming pool"
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12 Jul 2009, 04:04
Minda Hey Hey™
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yes, because that's what happened to me *eye roll*
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12 Jul 2009, 05:18
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
This happens to me ALL the time, yo!! ;D
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12 Jul 2009, 05:10
Post Count: 460
so that's how all these virgin births begin ;D
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12 Jul 2009, 06:55
Post Count: 378
I gotta tell a foreign woman in Egypt you are well and truly fair game...and ....I dont know WHY (before the bashing begins ;)) but I have never felt quite so much like meat in my life as I did on the streets of Cairo. All that male attention could be very flattering for a young woman who doesn't know how to handle it.
Mama needs to wake up and smell the shitty nappies ;) baby aint a baby anymore!!!
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12 Jul 2009, 13:15
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Oh my gosh this is ludicrous! I wish I could get away with my explanation of my pregnancy. But everyone knows that I just had sex on my kitchen table before a visit to my folks house. You know the whole, "I won't see for a week so we need to do our thing now." Found out four weeks later I was 4 weeks pregnant.
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12 Jul 2009, 21:49
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Yeah right she'd be giving birth to superbaby. Firstly the sperm would die the minute the chlorine got to them, secondly it takes a special kind of stupid to even think that's possible even in freshwater, thirdly she'd have to be totally unclothed, with her legs spread WIDE open, in fresh water, with a boy RIGHT NEXT to her vagina, for that to even be PLAUSIBLE. god people are so stupid lofl. Mommy just doesnt wanna admit her kids a whore.
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