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How old were you when...
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3 Jul 2009, 06:51
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Americana's one of my favourite Offspring albums. I used to bring it to school all the time to listen to in Art class. :P My other favourite is Ixnay. I remember the first Offspring song I ever heard was Gone Away. Haunting, that.
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2 Jul 2009, 18:20
*amour de bebe*
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my first CD was Boyzone - love me for a reason, lol.

Although I had records (which i still have now) I think my first one was a disney record with all disney hits on. ;D
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2 Jul 2009, 18:54
Minda Hey Hey™
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I don't think I bought my first tape but I know I got Mariah Carey from my aunt and uncle as a Christmas present. It had the song "Fantasy" on it. The first CD I bought was TLC's crazysexycool--gosh I had to have been about 11 or so and it was my favorite CD for the longest time!
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2 Jul 2009, 19:29
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the Fantasy album was a big deal in middle school. ;-D
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3 Jul 2009, 10:55
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my first as the marieh carey one with fantasy on too!! i was about 9 or 10 i think.
the first tape i bought was lighthouse family.
my first ever cd was craig david i think, 7 days
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2 Jul 2009, 19:24
An Unfinished Lady
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LOL, wow, I'm old! When I was born, 8-tracks were still pretty big! I didn't have my first cd until I was about 14 years old. Cd players had been out for years, but still super expensive.

My first cd was Alan Jackson's Christmas album. HAR HAR HAR. Well, to be fair, the year my parents bought me a cd player, they also were subscribing to Columbia House & I got, I think, 14 cd's for Christmas. The only ones I remember are the AJ Christmas one, Creedence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits & a some cd by Travis Tritt. As you can tell, I love country music. But, the first cd I bought for myself was, "It's My Life," by Mary J. Blige.

I started using Napster when I was about 17, but even then, I had an old computer with no CD-R drive.
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3 Jul 2009, 04:36
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I was 7 or 8. It was britney spears lol.
i started with dowloading music when i was 10
got my first mp3 played at 13.
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3 Jul 2009, 04:50
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I was 12, I joined one of those music clubs, buy one and get 6 for free. I ordered, Saturday night live best of, Steve Martin, The beach Boys, Led zeppelin, Kenny Rogers, Aerosmith, and Kiss.
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3 Jul 2009, 05:11
Lady Sheri
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No Doubt! (oddly enough I'm going to see them in concert tomorrow!!) I was maybe 11 or 12 years old? I got a cd player for christmas and got No Doubt and I think the Grease soundtrack?
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3 Jul 2009, 06:02
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
wow...I feel like the grandfather here. The first music I owned was on LP and it was Boston, the first album. I then started buying cassettes and my first one of those was Love Drive by the Scorpions followed immediately by Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue. I got my first CD's in the summer of 1989 and my first CD was Rhyme Pays by Ice T.

I'm not sure when I started collecting MP3's really but it's been a while since then.

I now own over 2500 CD's and almost 500,000 MP3's. I even have some old cassettes laying around as well.
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3 Jul 2009, 06:39
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I got my first cassette in '89, at age six. Rather, it was given to my sister and I. New Kids on the Block's Hangin' Tough. My sister enjoyed it far more than I did. :P

My first CD was Weird Al's Greatest Hits Volume II, in '94, when I was 11. I'd been a Weird Al fan for years already, so I was one happy gal.

I didn't start learning about mp3s til about '95 or '96 (12-13 years old), when my mom broke down and bought an interwebz ready computer. lawl Anyway, mp3 players were never a big thing in my life. I had me a DISCMAN! (cue more lawls) I finally got a cell phone in '06 (I was 23! hehehe), and I've used my cell phones for music ever since. Why have an mp3 player when your cell phone works just as well?
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6 Jul 2009, 11:10
Jessica [Private]
Post Count: 1751
Everytime I see/hear "new kids on the block" I think of that one song.
New kids on the block got a bunch of hits... ;D

Summer girl is the name of the song. ;D I still love it.
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3 Jul 2009, 07:15
♥ Mia Famigli
Post Count: 23
I actually think mine was the double edition of michael jackson, i would of been... maybe 10?
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3 Jul 2009, 13:39
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
lol my first CD was Celine Dion I think, when I was like 9 or 10. Then followed all the lovely Spice Girls, Hanson, BSB, and Nsync CDs. I was actually the first person I knew who had an Mp3 player. I was 14 and people were always like 'wtf is that!?'. Apparently my family was very tech savvy compared the others in that area :-p.
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3 Jul 2009, 16:47
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I got my first cds when I was 7.
My mom bought me classical cds, and I pretended tobe a ballerina while listening to them.
I really loved classical music when I was a kid.
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3 Jul 2009, 17:27
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
my first CD was a 98 degrees CD and i got a bunch of CDs from my sister, n'sync, BSB and brittany. man, i also remember my first CD player . i think i was about 9ish
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3 Jul 2009, 21:00
Post Count: 111
My very first CD, was Patsy Cline. Lofl i was a weird little kid. I remember being like 8, and walking through Grand Union Groceries and finding a Patsy Cline CD. She was on the front cover and i remember thinking she was very pretty, and decided i wanted to buy it. My mom bought me it, i got it home, and "I fall to pieces" remains one of my FAVORITE songs to this day. My 2nd CD was Twisted Sister rofl.
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4 Jul 2009, 00:49
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My first CD was No Doubt and I was 15 I think. No wait... my brother got me the Toy Story soundtrack for Christmas when I was 14. I think. I am bad at remembering ages.

For the ipod things... I really can't remember because I never used one lol.

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4 Jul 2009, 09:27
i`m his lil bearrr.
Post Count: 41
I was in 5th grade, and I got 2 CDs at the same time, Backstreet Boys - Millennium, and SheMoves - Breaking All The Rules (a one-hit wonder all girl trio from the 90's, but I still LOVE that CD. They did a cover of "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that I adore.)

I knew about MP3s by 6th grade, because I was having friends burn CDs for me of downloaded songs. I got my first MP3 player (a Creative Zen Jukebox) when I was a sophomore in high school. And I got my first iPod this year for my 21st birthday!! =)
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4 Jul 2009, 17:40
Post Count: 16
I got my first cassette tape when I was 8 or 9. It was Billy Joel's River of Dreams album.

As for my first CD... I'm struggling to remember. I got Seal's album on cassette for Christmas when I was twelve. The next year... I think I missed out. So, that would probably make my first CD 'Talk on Corners' by The Corrs when I was 13 or so.

As for mp3. I was collecting mp3s on my PC pretty much as soon as they came out. Back then it was nigh on impossile to find a site to download them from for a Mac. I got my first mp3 player a few years ago prior to coming to Korea, and my first iPod early last year. Can't imagine life without an mp3/mp4.
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5 Jul 2009, 10:01
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7 Jul 2009, 16:38
Post Count: 2651
I used to record songs from the radio too. ;D
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5 Jul 2009, 13:54
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I had vinyl records first! Let's see...I believe Journey was my first, then Van Halen, Michael Jackson. Then I moved to cassettes, and my first cassette was White Snake.

My first CD? Ummmmmmmm U2.
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5 Jul 2009, 23:25
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You want to know what this forum made me think of? All of the men and women who have been in prison for years and years who are eligible to get out soon; they will see such a culture shock!
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5 Jul 2009, 23:38
Mami 2 ♥ 1
Post Count: 361
i know it. can you imagine? i was watching one of those morning shows good morning america or today i cant remember which one. but it was a few months ago and there was this lady who tried to kill one of the presidents and she was released from prison like 20-30 yrs later and she said that the automatic doors where so scary when she first seen them.
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