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1 Jul 2009, 13:32
Post Count: 78
i prefer the real stuff *nods*
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1 Jul 2009, 18:23
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
Yes, I hate porn with 'porn stars' in. It's so not real, and if anyone has ever seen that Kenny and Spenny episode where they make pornos... well, it's obvious they're not very into it!

But amateur stuff is usually pretty good, and if they're faking then they are very good actors!
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1 Jul 2009, 17:49
~Just the 3 of Us~
Post Count: 98
Love porn...i don't even bother watching the cheesy dialogue...I just fast forward to the action! ;)
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1 Jul 2009, 19:21
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550 has some HILARIOUS porn stuff. It's billed as Porn You Wished You'd Never Seen.
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