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What languages can you speak?
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24 Dec 2008, 06:20
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Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, and working on my Spanish. xD
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24 Dec 2008, 11:13
Lady Elphaba
Post Count: 386
Awesome :) Spanish should be easy for you to learn since you already speak 3 languages fluently ;)
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25 Dec 2008, 05:28
Speak Easy.
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Gaelic :p
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25 Dec 2008, 06:10
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I speak English mostly. I know a little Spanish but I'd love the learn more of it!
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25 Dec 2008, 13:25
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English and I am a second year French Student. I know a few words of German also.
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26 Dec 2008, 03:31
i blame mac
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Spanish and English. English is the second language I learned. Since I moved to Canada when I was ten, my Spanish has been a bit sidetracked. When I came back to Spain my nana refused to speak English to me. So I had to pick it up quickly...that and I'm going to school in Spain...kinda need to remember my mother tongue.
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26 Dec 2008, 05:11
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I speak English. I used to speak French 'til I stopped taking French courses.. 'cause uhh..

that's when I stopped speaking French, lol. I was good at it too. D=
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26 Dec 2008, 23:18
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A language thread! Whee! I loove languages.
I speak Hungarian fluently, English quite good, German uhm, moderately... (lack of practice and I forget it all :'( I used to be good at it, though...), and I know a few phrases and the numbers in Italian. I want to bring back my German knowledge from near-death, lol, and I want to learn Swedish. And then, who knows what else... :D I'm interested in Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese... etc etc etc. Languages rock!
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27 Dec 2008, 19:17
Lady Elphaba
Post Count: 386
I agree! I LOVE languages so much :)

I'm going to MAKE myself get to learning more!
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28 Dec 2008, 08:12
Me, I'm Not
Post Count: 93
English, some German, some French and very, very, very little spanish. I'd love to learn more French and refresh my German :D
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29 Dec 2008, 16:10
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i am almost fluent at sign language! :]
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29 Dec 2008, 16:27
Lady Elphaba
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I'd love to know sign language!
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29 Dec 2008, 17:43
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I can only speak english fluently. But I can speak little in spanish, french, german and tagalog. My brother took 4 years of german and is fluent. I'd love to be fluent in another language. I can speak enough spanish to get by but I'm not fluent.
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