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Paranormal Experience's
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28 Jun 2009, 15:29
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The cpmputer thing would scare the shit out of me, that's very polite of them to handle the lights however.
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29 Jun 2009, 02:44
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Sometimes I feel like I can sense a presence, I haven't seen one but I seldom feel like someone is in the room with me, ie like when I think of my Mom or people that passed? Has anyone ever felt that before?
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29 Jun 2009, 03:37
The Narnian Ninja
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ha.i def believe in hard not to with all the strange things that happen in my house :D
i have a friend of mine who when ever he sleeps over,he refuses to stay in the guest room,because he swears something is watching him(luckily my mom doesnt care when she walks into my room an finds me an him both passed out together on my bed lol)
I mean,theres the typical seeing 'shadows' walk down the hallway an stuff like that.theres a few physical things also, my radio turns on/changes stations randomly (it almost always changes to a oldie station :/ )
a few times,it has shut my computer/power off. hah.i remeber one time i was working on a class project,an it was like,10 (i was 12-so i was supposed to be in bed by 930)and i guess it decided i should go to bed,because the power in my room(JUST my room,no where else in the house oddly enough) shut off,an i was just like 'JONATHAN! I WAS WORKING ON A CLASS PROJECT AN I DIDNT SAVE IT!' an my computer came back up (with all my data files intact)long enough for me to save it.
an no.i don't know why i screamed jonathan,i don't,an have never known a jonathan,its just the name that popped in my head,so,im guessing that it's name.
there HAVE been a few scary things that have happened,but i KNOW its never been jonathan,because mostly that one just aggravates me lol
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29 Jun 2009, 04:15
It's KrisMiss!
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I've had my share of paranormal experiences. Some could be explained away my determined skeptics, others I've never gotten a logical explanation for. A couple examples:

My basement has terrified me since childhood. Its an old house, and its a creepy old unfinished basement. To this day I still get a lump in my throat whenever I walk down the basement stairs. The basement is mostly open, but there are two small rooms that are separated from the rest of the space, and they each have a door with a padlock. I'm not sure why they're padlocked shut, I assume there's just storage in there, but I've never investigated. My bedroom is just above one of those small rooms. One night I was sleeping on the floor, since most nights it is painful for me to sleep in bed because of back pain. I was on the phone with my boyfriend as I was laying down, when I heard a male voice that sounded as if he was trying to speak, but could not breathe. It was as real as anything I'd ever heard before. I sat up in an absolute panic and started screaming for colin to say something. I thought he was hurt, and that it was him on the phone that I heard. He didn't answer me, so I started mashing numbers on the phone to try to get his attention. He woke up and asked me what was going on, and why I was so panicked. I told him what I'd heard, and he insisted he was fine, and had been sleeping. There was no television on in any part of the house at the time.

Totally unrelated, my cousin once had a "visitor" that like to tamper with her washing machine. It sounds ridiculous, but I saw it with my own eyes. She told me several times that her washing machine lid would randomly be up when she'd go into the basement. I just shrugged it off and assumed she was forgetting to close it, and was exaggerating. When I was at her house one day, she got frustrated with my nonbelief and made me go into the basement with her to put a load of laundry in the washer. She loaded it up, turned the water on, added soap and shut the lid. We went upstairs. Time went by, and we figured the laundry would be ready to go into the dryer. We walked into the basement and sure enough, the lid was up. The washer was full of soapy water, the cycle never even started. I stood there and watched her put the lid down. I do not know how it could have opened itself, it is a top loading washing machine. My first thought was that maybe it popped open on a particularly wild spin cycle, but it didn't even get that far into the cycle. Even if it had, that washer would have to have been bouncing all over the room since the lid had a spring in it, meaning the lid would only stay up if you flipped it all the way open. If you opened it half way, it would slam back down. I've got absolutely no explaination for that one.
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